Iron-Clad Java Building Secure Web Applications

Author: Jim Manico,August Detlefsen

Published in: Oracle Press/McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 978-0-07-183588-6

File Type: epub

File Size:  19 MB

Language: English

Description of Iron-Clad Java Building Secure Web Applications

The greatest challenge in product security today is the fact that security quality is difficult for consumers to evaluate. A product with little security design consideration and a weak security posture discloses few, if any, outward signs of being insecure. Software security, like performance and scalability, cannot be effectively evaluated visually and requires specialized tools and training. In a vacuum, consumers often mistakenly assume strong, positive product safety unless news surfaces to shake that confidence. As a result, with ever increasing pressure on business leaders to be more competitive and deliver more value to customers, security is frequently marginalized in favor of delivering more direct features with tangible business value. There’s little incentive to pursue security excellence when consumers assume it already exists. All too often, businesses roll the dice and short product security, explaining away incidents when they occur with excuses like: “hackers are becoming more sophisticated,” “security is too difficult a problem to solve,” or “everyone has bugs.” As the number and severity of security incidents increase, the public’s patience for excuses grows weary. Consumers are demanding more secure information systems and more accountability from business leaders and governments. Product security claims are no longer accepted at face value. As we transition from an era of plausible deniability to accountability, leaders are increasingly motivated to deepen their security investments. In the end, strong security is a choice, and it always has been. Security excellence is no accident. It’s purposeful, it requires dedication, and role appropriate education is essential to success.
In Iron-Clad Java Building Secure Web Applications book, Jim Manico and August Detlefsen tackle security education from a technical perspective and bring their wealth of industry knowledge and experience to application designers. A significant amount of thought was given to include the most useful and relevant security content for designers to defend their applications. Iron-Clad Java Building Secure Web Applications is not a book about security theories—it’s the hard lessons learned from those who have been exploited, turned into actionable items for application designers and condensed into print.

One of the best things I enjoy about the field of security is that it’s small and still possible to reach out and touch your heroes. Jim and August are my heroes, and it’s an honor and privilege to be their technical editor on this project. The hallmarks of true experts and expert teams are confident but soft-spoken, good listeners, secure in their abilities, and not afraid to explore the ideas of others. Teams imbuing such qualities produce results like no other, and working in this environment is educational for everyone. Working on this project with Jim and August was a tremendous privilege. It’s my sincerest hope you enjoy Iron-Clad Java Building Secure Web Applications book as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.
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