Author: Silvio Bonometto, Vittorio Gorini and Ugo Moschella


ISBN: 0-7503-0810-9

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MODERN COSMOLOGY, Cosmology is a new science, but cosmological questions are as old as mankind. Turning philosophical and metaphysical problems into problems that physics can treat and hopefully solve has been an achievement of the 20th century. The main contributions have come from the discovery of galaxies and the invention of a relativistic theory of gravitation. At the edge of the new millennium, in the spring of 2000, SIGRAV—Societ`a Italiana di Relativit`a e Gravitazione (Italian Society of Relativity and Gravitation) and the University of Insubria sponsored a doctoral school on ‘Relativistic Cosmology: Theory and Observation’, which took place at the Centre for Scientific Culture ‘Alessandro Volta’, located in the beautiful environment of Villa Olmo in Como, Italy. This book brings together the reports of the courses held by a number of outstanding scientists currently working in various research fields in cosmology. Topics covered range over several different aspects of modern cosmology from observational matters to advanced theoretical speculations.

The main financial support for the school came from the University of Insubria at Como–Varese. Other contributors were the Department of Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the same University, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Physics Departments of the Universities of Milan, Turin, Rome La Sapienza and Rome Tor Vergata. We are grateful to all the members of the scientific organizing committee and to the scientific coordinator of the Centro Volta, Professor Giulio Casati, for their invaluable help in the organization. We also acknowledge the essential support of the secretarial conference staff of the Centro Volta, in particular of Chiara Stefanetti.
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