Praxiswissen Online Marketing

Author: Erwin Lammenett

Published in: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-658-25135-2

File Type: pdf

File Size:  26 MB

Language: German


In this book Define Digital Marketing and how can grow our Digital marketing. Currently, there is no other book on the market that covers the Digital marketing so comprehensive the perspective of a practitioner. 2006 saw the first edition. Since then Extremely much happened. The development cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Who this book Attentive reading, not only a lot of practical knowledge is taught. In many Chapters will also deal with the developments of recent years and thus one Classification and a deeper understanding of the overall context. Because, to use the words of Helmut Kohl: "Who does not know the past, can not understand the present and shape the future. " Maintaining a book that now has around 600 pages is not easy. Short-In the meantime, I've played with the idea of ​​dividing the contents into two books Book with a more scientific background and a pure practice book. On advice I rejected this idea again. Therefore, the seventh edition contains a compendium, which covers all sub-disciplines of online marketing or Digital Marketing treated from different angles. New chapters have been added such as the influence marketing, which at the time of the creation of the 6th edition Although it was already a hype - but at that time it was still unclear whether this hype remained will have. Too often topics had been hyped in the past, which then became later turned out to be a passer. That's why I did not agree to an integration at the time. tet. But now it is clear: Influences marketing will endure despite all difficulties to have. Some chapters have been extensively supplemented, such as "Content marketing ", in which I provide many pointers for practical work and quite a few new ones Have implemented tips. I've shortened some of the other chapters and added content in screen Outsourced casts or service links because they change too quickly at the detailed level. For example, I have the illustrations from the section "Google Practice: Quick Fix rose "replaced by a screen-cast. On the one hand, this might be for practical application of the mediated knowledge be even more purposeful. On the other hand, a printed Picture the ever-shrinking Google Ads change cycles (formerly Google Ad-words) are no longer fair anyway. Google is now changing dig details, which I can now rework from time to time in a new screen-cast. What's left is the dynamic content in the form of screen-casts and service links, which I introduced from the 6th edition. The big advantage of these elements is on the Hand: Even between editions, I can thus update content and my readers make available.
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