Quick Start Guide to Penetration Testing With NMAP, OpenVAS and Metasploit

Author: Sagar Rahalkar

Published in: Apress

ISBN: 978-1484-2-4270-4

File Type: epub

File Size:  10 MB

Language: English


Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing have become very important, especially in the past couple of years. Organizations often have complex networks of assets storing sensitive data, and such assets are exposed to potential threats from the inside as well as from the outside. To get an overview of the security posture of an organization, conducting a vulnerability assessment is an essential step. Performing penetration tests requires a well-planned and methodical approach.
To help you perform various tasks across the phases of the penetration testing lifecycle, there are tons of tools, scripts, and utilities available. Linux distributions such as Kali Linux even provide bundled tools to perform these tasks.
It is natural to get overwhelmed with the number of tools available. However, there are a few tools that are so powerful and flexible that they alone can perform most of the tasks across the phases of the penetration testing lifecycle.
This book will get you started with the fundamentals of three such tools: NMAP, OpenVAS, and Metasploit. Just by using these three tools alone, you will acquire extensive penetration testing capabilities.
By the end of this book, you’ll have a substantial understanding of NMAP, OpenVAS, and Metasploit and will be able to apply your skills in real-world pen testing scenarios.
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