Relativity Thermodynamics and Cosmology


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It is the threefold purpose of this essay, first to give a coherent and fairly inclusive account of the well-known and generally accepted per, ions of insein's theory of relativity, second to reat the extension of thermodynamics to special and then to general relativity, and third to consider the applications both of relativistic meohauios and relativistic thermodynamics in the construction and interpretation of cosinelogical models.

The special theory of relativity will first be developed in the nex three chapters, which are devoted respectively to the kluemaical mechanical, and electromagnetic consequences of the two postulates
of special relativity. In Chapter II, under the general heading 'The Special Theory of Ielativity', the two postulates of the theory will be presented, together wih a brief staemen of the confirmatory empirical evidence in their fayour; their kinematioal consequences will then be developed, firsfly using the ordinary language which refers kuematical oocun'ences to some selected sc of three Cartesian axes aud the set of clocks hat cal be pictured as moving therewith, and secondly using the more povcrful quasi-geometrical language provided by the concept of a four-dimensional space-time continuum. In Chapter ,Special I(dativity atd Mechanics, we sitall develop first the mechanics
of a particle and ,hc hosc of a nochanical continuum from a postulatory basis which i. ol:)taited by adding the ideas of the conservation of nta.% and of the equality of action and reaction to the linematios ,f pccil relativity. No appeal to analogies with electromagnetic results will l'e Iee�le�l l) el)rain the complete reatmcnt, and the considerat. ions will be maintaincd ol a macroscopic level hroughout. lin.lly, i Chal)Lcr ].V, SI)ccial Ielativity and Electrodynamics, we stiall co,hi)Icrc otr treatment of the more familiar subject-matter of the ecial t,hcory, l.y developing the close relationships between special relativity and el(ctromagneCic theory.
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