SEO 2018 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies

Author: Adam Clarke

Published in: Simple Effectiveness Publishing

ISBN: 978-19792-8697-8

File Type: pdf

File Size:  2 MB

Language: English


So, you've picked up SEO 2018 and decided to learn search engine optimization. Congratulations! SEO marketing has changed my life and it can change yours. Over 10 years ago, I achieved my first number one ranking in Google for my family's home business. The phone started ringing with new customers every day and I was hooked. Since then, I have used search engine optimization to grow hotel chains, large international fashion brands, and small family-owned businesses. One thing never ceases to amaze me—the power of SEO as an Internet marketing tool for growing any business. I have grown small businesses into giant companies in just one or two years—simply from working the site up to the top position in Google.

Unfortunately, learning SEO is difficult, sometimes impossible, for many business owners, Internet marketers and even tech-heads. I have a theory on why this is so... Sifting through the information flooding the Internet about SEO is overwhelming. In many cases, the advice published is outdated or misleading. And the constant updates by Google make it hard for SEO beginners and gurus alike to keep up with what works. SEO can be simple and used by anyone to rank at the top of Google, grow their business and make money online. It's simply a matter of having up-to-date information on how Google works, using effective techniques and taking action. This book has been expanded and updated to cover how SEO works now and likely in the near future.

All of the resources and tools have been updated and made relevant for 2018. It includes broader coverage of the basics, and filled with more techniques for advanced users. And due to requests by readers, it has been loaded with more tools and resources to save time and get bigger results. If you are a beginner, there is a small amount of technical information included in this book. If you really want to learn search engine optimization this can't be avoided. We've made these areas as simple as possible, while providing additional resources, including an SEO checklist, that will speed up your journey to SEO mastery. If you are an advanced SEO optimization professional, this SEO book covers Google's latest updates, new SEO marketing best practices to refresh your memory, solutions for common technical problems, and new tools and resources to sharpen your skillset—all written in an easy-to-read format, so refreshing your knowledge doesn't feel like a chore. Whether you're a complete SEO beginner or well-versed Internet marketing veteran, SEO 2018 covers these areas and makes it as simple as possible to achieve rankings, traffic and sales.
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