An Integrated Approach to Health Sciences Second Edition Free Download

Health Sciences
Bruce J. Colbert, Jeff Ankney, 
Joe Wilson, John Havrilla
Published in: Delmar Cengage Learning
Release Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-435-48764-2
Pages: 497
Edition: Second Edition
File Size: 74 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of An Integrated Approach to Health Sciences Second Edition

A book on the sciences and math should grab learners and show them why it is important to learn these sometimes confusing subjects. An Integrated Approach to Health Sciences, Second  Edition is designed to do just that. By integrating subject matter and applying the theoretical to real-life clinical relevancy, learning becomes easier. When theories are grounded in the immediate skills learners will use in their chosen health fields, the relevance of these theories is made clear. With this connection made, learners become involved with the material, recognizing how important sciences and math are to their future successes in the health professions.

This project represents an innovative textbook, workbook, software, and instructor’s resource. The writing style is easy-to-read and stimulating; humor is integrated to engage the learner. Numerous special features are also incorporated throughout the text to help you learn. See “About Health Sciences Book” on page xvi for details. Students in health-related programs and individuals interested in pursuing careers in the health professions are the primary audience for Health Sciences text. While not intended to be used in an advanced course, Health Sciences text does lay a solid foundation in health-related math and science on which to build in the future. Health Sciences text is also an excellent review or preparatory book for adult learners who are beginning new careers in the health professions.

Health Sciences text and accompanying workbook were designed for a very important reason: to help you learn the subjects necessary for success in the health professions. Note the importance of the words learn and success. You do not need to be a genius in order to be successful in the health  professions. It is more important that you possess determination and motivation. This implies a “need to do more than just take Health Sciences book home, read it, and return to class the next day.” You will get much more from this course if you study and discuss the topics with other learners who share an interest in the health care field. Let’s begin by discussing the process of learning.

True learning is not massive memorization with the goal of regurgitating material back to the instructor or simply passing an exam. Nor is true learning an oppressive chore to be dreaded. True
learning comes from a desire to understand and a willingness to become an active part of the learning process. It takes place when you internalize what you are reading, discussing, and solving. Internalization means making the material a part of your life because you realize the importance of the material to your future success in your chosen health profession. In addition, becoming enthusiastic about learning makes learning a more natural and meaningful process.

We hope Health Sciences book will help you in the process of true learning by presenting mathematics and the health sciences in a way that will make more sense to you. First, we have integrated the material to show how math and the health sciences relate to one another. You need to understand all of the health sciences, and if you are not good at math, it will affect your grades in the other sciences. Like a house foundation, if a few blocks are weak, the whole foundation can crumble.

Second, the text is broken down and organized in a logical fashion. The text consists of four sections pertaining to anatomy and physiology, mathematics, chemistry, and medical microbiology. Anatomy and physiology is an ideal lead off not only because you will be dealing with the human body in your chosen health profession, but also because an understanding of anatomy and physiology will help you understand the examples used later in the chemistry, math, and medical microbiology sections. Likewise, math serves as a foundation for chemistry and applying some of the anatomy and physiology principles such as calculating mean arterial pressure. The medical microbiology section provides background in pathogens and infection control which relate to cellular structures in anatomy and physiology and chemical sterilization agents. The chemistry section examines topics such as molecules, enzymes, and acid-base relationships, and the gas laws which tie into and reinforce many of the concepts presented in the anatomy and physiology section.

Third, we use real-life analogies and health related examples to reinforce the theoretical material presented. For example, understanding how the chemistry concept of acid and base applies to the analysis of blood to diagnose and treat disease helps to reinforce understanding of the underlying concept itself. Likewise, real-life analogies (to things such as a car or a house) help to illustrate potentially difficult mathematical and scientific concepts.

Finally, we have used a stimulating writing style, combining humor with presentation  of theoretical and practical information so as to enhance motivational learning. We want you to not only learn but also to be able to define problems, analyze, generate ideas, and implement and evaluate solutions, as well as to develop your oral and written communication skills. In essence, we want you to become an effective thinker and communicator. Critical and creative thinking skills as well as communication skills are useful not only in your academic endeavors, but also in developing a meaningful and successful life.

Before closing, we want to stress that although the job market in health care is good, financial rewards are not the only criteria for success. If you do what you enjoy, monetary rewards can always follow. And remember: If you truly involve yourself in learning, not only will you be successful, but learning will actually become fun! Good luck in your explorations!
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