Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology

William B. Coleman
Published in: Academic Press
Release Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-0123-7-4418-0
Pages: 467
Edition: 1st
File Size: 12 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology

Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology textbook contains a concise presentation of essential concepts related to the molecular pathogenesis of human disease. Despite the succinct form of this material, this textbook represents the state-of-the-art and contains a wealth of information representing the culmination of innumerable small successes that emerged from the ceaseless pursuit of new knowledge by countless experimental pathologists working around the world on all aspects of human disease. Their ingenuity and hard work have dramatically advanced the field of molecular pathology over time and in particular in the last two decades. This book is a tribute to the dedication, diligence, and perseverance of the individuals who have contributed to the advancement of our understanding of the molecular basis of human disease.
We dedicate Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology to our colleagues in the field of experimental pathology and to the many pioneers in our field whose work continues to serve as the solid foundation for new discoveries related to human disease. In dedicating this book to our fellow experimental pathologists, we especially recognize the contributions of the graduate students, laboratory technicians, and postdoctoral fellows, whose efforts are so frequently taken for granted, whose accomplishments are so often unrecognized, and whose contributions are so quickly forgotten.
We also dedicate Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology to the many people that have played crucial roles in our successes. We thank our many scientific colleagues, past and present, for their camaraderie, collegiality, and support. We especially thank our scientific mentors for their example of research excellence. We are truly thankful for the positive working relationships and friendships that we have with our faculty colleagues. We also thank our students for teaching us more than we may have taught them. We thank our parents for believing in higher education, for encouragement through the years, and for helping our dreams into reality. We thank our brothers and sisters, and extended families, for the many years of love, friendship, and tolerance. We thank our wives, Monty and Nancy, for their unqualified love, unselfish support of our endeavors, understanding of our work ethic, and appreciation for what we do. Lastly, we give a special thanks to our children, Tess, Sophie, Pete, and Zoe, for providing an unwavering bright spot in our lives, for their unbridled enthusiasm and boundless energy, for giving us a million reasons to take an occasional day off from work just to have fun.
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