Paul Butler, CharIes G. Blakeney
Alan Brooks & Robert Speiler
Published in: Springer-Verlag
Release Year: 1991
ISBN: 978-1-4471-1791-9
Pages: 176
Edition: 1st
File Size: 7 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of FRCR Part I

FRCR Part I book of multiple choice questions is designed for radiologists studying for the Part 1 examination for the fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists of the United Kingdom (Part 1 FRCR) but it is hoped that it will prove useful for all those beginning their radiology training and for radiographers studying for a higher diploma. The questions are derived from those  used in a successful Part 1 FRCR Revision Course held annually by the Departments of Radiology of The Royal London and St Bartholomew' s Hospitals, London, UK.
The ftrst year trainee radiologist has to be something of a polymath, acquiring a breadth of basic knowledge which his or her seniors, individually, will fmd hard to match. It is unfortunate but true that further training as a senior registrar and the focusing as consultant on his or her special interest will mean that a greater or lesser amount of the Part 1 syllabus will simply be forgotten. The authors, therefore, make no apology for their number and even then each of us has had to call upon the expertise of others.
In particular we would like to thank Dr Neil Garvie, Consultant in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, The Royal London Hospital, and Dr Julle A. Horrocks, Mr L. Loverock and Mr I. Cullum, each of University College and Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine. Dr S. McGee, Registrar in Radiology at The Royal London Hospital, kindly reviewed an of the questions and made valuable comments for which the authors are grateful. Miss Pethroma Carr typed much of the manuscript. The five examinations are "self contained" and in the style of the Part 1 FRCR MCQ examinations. If the reader works assiduously through each he or she will cover a large proportion of the syllabus for the Part I FRCR.
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