From Chocolate to Morphine

Winifred Rosen, Andrew Weil
Published in: John Wiley & Sons
Release Year: 1993
ISBN: 0-395-66079-3
Pages: 196
Edition: Revised and Updated
File Size: 72 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of From Chocolate to Morphine

The first Edition of From Chocolate to Morphine book appeared ill 1983, before the federal government had declared all all out war on drugs. Crack cocaine was as yet unknown, and public hysteria about illegal drugs was less intense that it is today. We thought our book took a reasonable, middle-of-the-road approach to the drug problem; we expected it to be Controversial, but never imagined that some people would be so there-tended by it that they would try to ball it from schools and libraries. The present atmospheric is even more charged, making clam discussion still less common. Since Chocolate to Morphine book first appeared, supplies of drugs, especially cocaine, have increased; criminal violence associated with drugs and drug Prohibition has intensified and spread; and although more people that ever arc in trouble with drugs, there are fewer facilities to treat them. Nothing that has happened has caused us to change the views we expressed in 1983. We have made additions to the book (about crack and AIDS, for example) and have rewritten sections to bring it up to date, but we stand by its basic message.: that education based on truthful informational is the only solution to the drug problem. Intelligent action based on good information can turn the situation around. We believe that as the failure of present policy becomes harder and Harder to deny, people will recognize the need for a real change of thinking and strategy. We hope the. reappearance of this book will help catalyze that change.

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