Handbook of Microbiological Media 4th Edition (PDF)

Handbook of Microbiological Media Fourth Edition

Author: Ronald M. Atlas
Release at: 2010
Pages: 2043
Edition: 4th Edition
File Size: 36 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Handbook of Microbiological Media 4th Edition (PDF)

Handbook of Microbiological Media 4th written by Ronald M. Atlas is great ebook for making culture media's available for (PDF) free download. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Microbiological Media includes the formulations and descriptions of 7,080 media used for cultivating microorganisms more than 1500 more than in the previous edition. These include both classic and modern media used for the cultivation, identification, and maintenance of diverse bacteria, archaea, and fungi. Some of these microbiological media are produced by major suppliers of dehydrated media including HiMedia, Oxoid, and BD Diagnostics (BBL, Difco, and GIBCO). These include all the media normally used for the routine examination of food, water, and the Clinical Microbiology diagnostic laboratory. Other media described in the fourth edition of the Handbook of Microbiological Media are used to cultivate specific strains of protists, bacteria, fungi, and archaea, including many anaerobes and extremophiles. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Microbiological Media book includes the media needed to cultivate the numerous Microorganisms currently available from the world’s global bioresource centers (BRCs).

In this comprehensive resource, the breadth of culture media is enormous & has greatly expanded in recent years with the exploration of extreme habitats & the use of molecular methods to identify new lineages of archaea & bacteria. The media also represent significant advances in the ability to use chromogenic substrates to identify specific strains & species of bacteria, e.g., E. coli O157 & methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These media are extremely useful for the protection of the food supply and clinical diagnostics from pathogenic microorganisms. Additionally, many cultural media are now available that are free of animal components. Plant-based media eliminate possible contamination with prions which is important for the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Carbohydrates, such as starch, glucose, or other organic compounds, such as acetate, various lipids, hydrocarbons, proteins, and other organic compounds, are included in media as sources of carbon for heterotrophs. These carbon sources may also serve as energy supply. Other compounds, such as nitrite ions, elemental sulfur, ammonium ions, and reduced iron, may be used as the sources of energy for the cultivation of autotrophs. Nitrogen also is required for microbial growth. The cultivation of some microorganisms supplied as inorganic nitrogen compounds but more commonly is supplied as proteins, peptones, or amino acids. Metals and phosphates such as magnesium & iron, are also necessary components of microbiological media. PO4 may also serve as buffers to maintain the pH of the medium within the growth tolerance limits of the microorganism being cultivated. It also included some various additional growth factors in the media.

Content of Handbook of Microbiological Media 4th Edition (PDF)


➤ Overview. 1
➤ Organization. 1
➤ Names of Media. 1
➤ Composition of Media. 1
➤ Agars. 1
➤ Peptones. 2
➤ Meat and Plant Extract. 3
➤ Growth Factors. 4
➤ Selective Components. 6
➤ Differential Components. 7
➤ pH Buffers. 8
➤ Trademarks. 8
➤ Preparation of Media. 8
➤ Tyndallization. 8
➤ Inspissation. 8
➤ Autoclaving. 8
➤ Filtration. 9
➤ Caution about Hazardous Components. 9
➤ Uses of Media. 9
➤ Sources of Media. 9
➤ References. 9
➤ Web Resources. 10


➤ A Named Media. 11
➤ B Named Media. 170
➤ C Named Media. 288
➤ D Named Media. 482
➤ E Named Media. 615
➤ F Named Media. 665
➤ G Named Media. 718
➤ H Named Media. 769
➤ I Named Media. 868
➤ J Named Media. 888
➤ K Named Media. 889
➤ L Named Media. 911
➤ M Named Media. 978
➤ N Named Media. 1272
➤ O Named Media. 1319
➤ P Named Media. 1337
➤ Q Named Media. 1469
➤ R Named Media. 1470
➤ S Named Media. 1525
➤ T Named Media. 1682
➤ U Named Media. 1864
➤ V Named Media. 1877
➤ W Named Media. 1899
➤ X Named Media. 1915
➤ Y Named Media. 1924
➤ Z Named Media. 1953

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