Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men

Amy Jo Goddard & Kurt Brungardt
Published in: Plume
Release Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-0399-5-7606-5
Pages: 316
Edition: Revised
File Size: 618 kB
File Type: epub
Language: English

Description of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men

Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men book is about how to pleasure women. We think lesbians and heterosexual men have a lot in common right there—we all want to know how we can be better lovers of women. Lesbians bring an important perspective to men: They not only have experience making love to women, but they also live inside female bodies. They know it from the inside out.

There are fundamental advantages to this perspective. Research has shown that lesbians have orgasms more often in partner sex than heterosexual women. Okay, men, time to step up to the plate! Most of the women who participated in our focus groups did so because they sincerely want to help men be better lovers of women. Many lesbians have been on the other side and know that a lot of men could use a helping hand.
The women came to the groups not to divulge secrets, but to share tips and express what they’ve learned about making love to women. This kind of exchange is rare, and some of the ideas may be new, but they aren’t really secrets perse. Otherwise they wouldn’t be shared! What we found was that the real secret to being able to pleasure women is to have the space for open, courageous communication about sex
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