Lewin’s Genes 12th Edition PDF

Lewin’s Genes 12th Edition

Author: Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, Stephen T. Kilpatrick
Release Year: 2018
Pages: 490
Edition: 12th Edition
File Size: 12 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Lewin’s Genes 12th Edition

Lewin’s Genes 12th Edition written by Krebs, Goldstein and Kilpatrick provides an advanced information about Genetics, get (PDF) ebook download. New data are acquired daily, and new insights into well-studied processes come on a scale measured in weeks or months rather than years. It’s difficult to believe that the first complete organismal genome sequence was obtained a little over 20 years ago. The structure and function of genes and Genomes and their associated cellular processes are sometimes elegantly and deceptively simple but frequently amazingly complex, and no single book can do justice to the realities and diversities of natural genetic systems.

Lewin’s Genes XII book is aimed at advanced students in Molecular Genetics and molecular biology. In order to provide the most current understanding of the rapidly changing subjects in molecular biology, we have enlisted leading scientists to provide revisions and content updates in their individual fields of expertise. Their expert knowledge has been incorporated throughout the text. Much of the revision and reorganization of Lewin’s Genes 12th edition follows that of the third edition of Lewin’s Essential GENES, but there are many updates and features that are new to Lewin’s Genes 12th edition book.

Lewin’s Genes 12th edition follows a logical flow of topics; in particular, discussion of chromatin organization and nucleosome structure precedes the discussion of eukaryotic transcription, because chromosome organization is critical to all DNA transactions in the cell, and current research in the field of transcriptional regulation is heavily biased toward the study of the role of chromatin in this process. Many new figures are included in Lewin’s Genes 12th edition book, some reflecting new developments in the field, particularly in the topics of chromatin structure and function, epigenetics, and regulation by non-coding RNA and micro RNAs in eukaryotes.

Content of Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

PART I Genes and Chromosomes

Chapter 1: Genes Are DNA and Encode RNAs and Polypeptides

Chapter 2: Methods in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Chapter 3: The Interrupted Gene

Chapter 4: The Content of the Genome

Chapter 5: Genome Sequences and Evolution

Chapter 6: Clusters and Repeats

Chapter 7: Chromosomes

Chapter 8: Chromatin

PART II DNA Replication and Recombination

Chapter 9: Replication Is Connected to the Cell Cycle

Chapter 10: The Replicon: Initiation of Replication

Chapter 11: DNA Replication

Chapter 12: Extrachromosomal Replicons

Chapter 13: Homologous and Site-Specific Recombination

Chapter 14: Repair Systems

Chapter 15: Transposable Elements and Retroviruses

Chapter 16: Somatic DNA Recombination and Hypermutation in the Immune System

PART III Transcription and Posttranscriptional Mechanisms

Chapter 17: Prokaryotic Transcription

Chapter 18: Eukaryotic Transcription

Chapter 19: RNA Splicing and Processing

Chapter 20: mRNA Stability and Localization

Chapter 21: Catalytic RNA

Chapter 22: Translation

Chapter 23: Using the Genetic Code

PART IV Gene Regulation

Chapter 24: The Operon

Chapter 25: Phage Strategies

Chapter 26: Eukaryotic Transcription Regulation

Chapter 27: Epigenetics I

Chapter 28: Epigenetics II

Chapter 29: Noncoding RNA

Chapter 30: Regulatory RNA


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