MRCOG Part I Second Edition

Tim Chard & Richard Lilford
Published in: Springer-Verlag
Release Year: 1992
ISBN: 978-1-4471-3884-6
Pages: 124
Edition: 2nd
File Size: 5 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of MRCOG Part I Second Edition

MRCOG Part I book is intended as a companion to our Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3rd edition. It covers the same material in the same order as that text, and the answer to each question includes a reference to the appropriate page number or numbers in which further information may be found. The overall aim is to give candidates for the Part I MRCOG as close as possible a flavor of the examination, though clearly it is not possible to include all the facts which might be addressed.
It is worth while emphasizing some general points about the type of "fact" which may be asked in an MCQ. First, the fact must be as near as possible unambiguous, at least to the extent that this can be achieved in a biological science. By necessity, this excludes vast amounts of often very important information and concepts. Second, even apparently immutable facts are subject to occasional revision. We have attempted to present the "state-of-the-art": most of the material is generally if not universally accepted. 
A particular problem arises with numerical information. Virtually every common parameter in physiology and biochemistry has been the subject of numerous studies, each of which yields somewhat different results. This applies even to widely used clinical tests, where every laboratory may have its own normal range. Thus, with a few exceptions, most of the numbers given have a "correction interval" of plus or minus 50%. For example, if a figure of 10 U per liter is given as the normal level of substance X, it is likely that any figure between 5 and 15 would be acceptable. Examiners would be unlikely to set a "false" statement which did not lie well outside these limits.
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