Sexually Transmitted Diseases

David Goldmeier & Simon Barton
Published in: Springer-Verlag
Release Year: 1987
ISBN: 978-1-4471-1432-1
Pages: 180
Edition: 1st
File Size: 3 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Students' minds, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, soon become stale when faced with lectures or even not so large textbooks. Supplementing lecture notes and textbooks with multiple-choice questions, therefore, attunes the mind to this style of examination which the student will certainly meet and yet also relieves the tedium and monotony of the conventional learning route. Sexually Transmitted Diseases multiple-choice textbook, therefore, should be used side by side with lecture notes, textbooks and clinical teaching material. The book covers a wide field of genitourinary medicine. This necessarily overlaps with general medicine, urology, bacteriology, virology, psychiatry, sexual medicine, immunology and proctology. With regard to immunology, a basic set of teaching questions are included so that HIV disease may be more easily understood without recourse to immunology textbooks.
The answers to the questions are not given in a uniform style. This is partly to relieve monotony, and partly because some questions need no explanation, others need a prose answer and yet others are best answered by a point-by-point explanation. We also provide references for those interested. There is some overlap between questions but only enough, we hope, to facilitate learning but not produce somnolence. For the same reason, we have included a sprinkling of cartoons and poems. They all appear in close proximity to the relevant questions in the text. The poems at least are far from works of art, but are designed to make the student think about the pertinent subjects in a lighthearted way and so reinforce the learning process.
The answers to some questions are really clinical opinions, e.g. how to handle frequently recurrent genital herpes. Those who disagree with these or any other answers are invited to write to the authors so that we can be persuaded by their viewpoints. The Questions and Answers contained in Sexually Transmitted Diseases book have been compiled in collaboration with Drs M. Byrne, G. Forster, S. Forster, D. Hawkiris, C. Ison, J. Parkin, L. Stacey, R. Taylor, and Miss. A. McCreaner. We should therefore, like to thank all of them for the thought, time and effort they invested in this project. Grateful thanks are due also to Dr J. R. W. Harris and Dr. A. J. Pinching for their useful comments, to Ann Persad for her typing and to our medical students who have tried out our questions.
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