Succeeding in the FRCR Part 1 Exam

Pervinder Bhogal, Thomas Conner,
Guarrang Bhatnagar & Habir Sidhu
Published in: Developmedica
Release Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-1906-8-3918-5
Pages: 262
Edition: 1st
File Size: 1 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam

The FRCR Part 1 Examination for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists is the fi rst in a series of examinations that radiology registrars must undertake in order to gain membership to the College. Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book is a comprehensive, all-in-one revision guide for candidates. Comprising over a thousand Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which test the exact topics on which candidates are examined, the authors also explain the answers to each question in depth, introducing additional detail so as to cover every subject fully and ensure your success.
We therefore offer you the opportunity to test yourself using questions structured to reflect those in the real examination, and at the same time bring your knowledge up to the required level. Our intention is that by careful revision using Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book alone, you will be equipped to pass what is for many a daunting examination. We offer up-to-date questions to keep abreast of developments in CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine, and with sections on MRI and Ultrasound physics we address challenging new topics recently introduced into the examination.
As well as FRCR Part 1 candidates, we believe that Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book will be extremely useful for the following readership: 

  • Radiologists sitting FRCR Part 2b, for which physics knowledge is again required 
  • Foundation Year doctors interested in applying for radiology 
  • Radiographers undertaking training. 
  • Outside of the UK, graduates undergoing radiology training 

We hope you will find Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book easy to use and essential to your preparation. Good luck in your studies! Dr Anmol Malhotra Consultant Radiologist Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust.

How to use Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book

Each of the chapters in Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book contains a series of FRCR Part 1 examination topics. Every topic contains five multiple choice statements labelled a.-e., which are True or False - your task is to determine which. Below each set of questions is a section of text in which the topic is discussed, and in the process the answers are revealed in context. 
Then follows a formal statement of the test answers. For ease of use, we have chosen to show the discussion and answers directly below each set of questions, rather than (for example) making you turn to the back of the book for them. This means that to make best use of Succeeding in the FRCR  Part 1 Exam book, you should tackle each question honestly, covering the answers and avoiding the temptation to look until you have arrived at your own responses.
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