The Alkaloids Chemistry and Physiology

R. H. F. Manske
Published in: Academic Press
Release Year: 1970
ISBN: 978-0124-6-9512-2
Pages: 657
Edition: Volume XII
File Size: 25 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of The Alkaloids Chemistry and Physiology

The proliferation of alkaloid literature which has been so marked for several decades has continued. The discovery of new sources of known alkaloids and the discovery of new alkaloids in new and already examined sources together with new structural and synthetic studies call for periodic reviews. This volume is an attempt to bring some of the alkaloid chemistry up-to-date. As in the more recent volumes we have chosen a number of subjects which seem appropriate at this time. Entries in the Subject Index are restricted to topics which are basic to the substances or groups under discussion; incidental mention does not necessarily merit inclusion.
The abbreviations used for journals in literature references are those found in Chemical Abstracts List of Periodicals. Once more the editor, on behalf of the publisher and himself, takes this opportunity to express his indebtedness to the conscientious and competent authors who have made the publication of this volume of Alkaloids Chemistry and Physiology possible.
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