Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Volume 1 Free Download

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Volume 1

Prakash, Satya
Published in: Chand & Company Ltd.
Release Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-8121-9-1787-2
Pages: 1418
Edition: Frist Edition
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

We feel happy to present this thoroughly revised and updated edition to our readers in a new format. In this edition, we have made major changes in the light of modem concepts, with the result that this edition has become almost a new book in all respects. Time to time many new topics have been introduced at the undergraduate level, and the subject-matter is too exhaustive, for us it was a difficult task to cover the text in one volume. Therefore, the subject-matter has been divided into two volumes. The present volume, i.e. Volume I is further divided into two parts. Part-1 deals with Basic Principles of Chemistry and Part-II discusses the Chemistry of Main Group Elements and Their Compounds: s- and p- Block Elements. The book has been written in a simple language and subject-matter has been arranged systematically. Solved examples and solved numerical problems have been given in each chapter. To solve the difficult problems, hints have also been given, so that the students may not face any difficulty to solve them. Previous years' questions and objective-type questions have also been given, to acquaint the students with trend of questions they expect in the examinations as well other competitive examinations. We are sure, this edition will serve as a very useful textbook at the B.Sc. (1st and Ilnd year) level of all the Indian Universities. Its Volume II is also divided into four parts. Part I deals with Coordination Chemistry, Part Il discusses Transition Elements — d-Block Elements, Part III is devoted on Inner-Transition Ele-ments— f:Block Elements and Part IV explains some special topics—Non-aqueous Solvents, Metal-lic Carbonyls and Nitrosyls, Pollution, Organomctallic compounds, Chromatography. We invite constructive suggestions from the fellow teachers and students for further improve-ment of the book. We express our gratitude to Shri Ray indra Kumar Gupta, Director, S. Chand & Company Ltd., who extended his full cooperation to us bring out this voluminous work in a short time. 
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