Animal Behaviour: Evolution and Mechanisms (PDF)

Animal Behaviour Evolution and Mechanisms (PDF)
Author: Peter Kappeler
Release at: 2010
Pages: 712
Edition: First Edition
File Size: 15 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Animal Behaviour: Evolution and Mechanisms (PDF)

Animal Behavior Evolution and Mechanisms written by Peter Kappeler is a great Biology book available in (eBook) PDF download. The study of animal behaviour has become one of the fastest growing biological disciplines in recent decades. This development can be easily inferred, for example, from the steady increase in the total number of publications on any aspect of animal behaviour, in particular also in journals with a more general readership (e.g. Nature, Proceedings of the Royal Society or Current Biology), the ever-increasing number of participants at international conferences (e.g. IEC or ISBE), and from the growing numbers of students choosing courses in this field. This development has several causes, of which I find three particularly compelling. First, it is increasingly being appreciated that behaviour is the crucial level at which an individual’s genotype and phenotype interface with the environment. Recognising behaviour as the main mechanism animals employ to ascertain their homeostasis, growth, survival and reproduction therefore provides a deep understanding of organismal integration and adaptation. Second, the astonishing success of the study of animal behaviour also has importantly to do with the intellectual flexibility and methodological inter-disciplinarity required for comprehensive analyses of behaviour.

This increase in the number of studies published in a growing number of ever more specialised journals and the application of new concepts, methods and technologies also has frustrating consequences, however. Except perhaps for a few exceptional colleagues, no one today is really able to develop and maintain an active research programme and to read all interesting and important publications and books that appear every month.

Content of Animal Behaviour: Evolution and Mechanisms (PDF)

Part I ➤ Communication and cognition

Chapter 1: Visual communication: evolution, ecology, and functional mechanisms

Chapter 2: Vocal communication in social groups

Chapter 3: Kin recognition: an overview of conceptual issues, mechanisms and evolutionary theory

Chapter 4: Honeybee cognition

Chapter 5: Individual performance in complex social systems: the greylag goose example

Part II ➤ Conflict and cooperation

Chapter 6: Conflict and conflict resolution in social insects

Chapter 7: Social insects, major evolutionary transitions and multilevel selection

Chapter 8: Cooperation between unrelated individuals a game theoretic approach

Chapter 9: Group decision-making in animal societies

Chapter 10: Parental care: adjustments to conflict and cooperation

Part III ➤ Sex and reproduction

Chapter 11: The quantitative study of sexual and natural selection in the wild and in the laboratory

Chapter 12: Mate choice and reproductive conflict in simultaneous hermaphrodites

Chapter 13: Extra-pair behaviour

Chapter 14: Extreme polyandry in social Hymenoptera: evolutionary causes and consequences for colony organisation

Chapter 15: Monogynous mating strategies in spiders

Chapter 16: Mating systems, social behaviour and hormones

Part IV ➤ Behavioural variation

Chapter 17: The social modulation of behavioural development

Chapter 18: Alternative reproductive tactics and life history phenotypes

Chapter 19: Animal personality and behavioural syndromes

Chapter 20: Social learning and culture in animals

Chapter 21: Levels and mechanisms of behavioural variability




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