Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Paul Lorrain & D. R. Corson
Published in: W. H. Freeman
Release Year: 1988
ISBN: 0-716-718235
Pages: 383
Edition: Third Edition
File Size: 64 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves' book is fr Physics Education and Fields and Waves Study.

Content of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

2 PHASORS 39 I 9" 
3 ELECTRIC FIELDS 1 12 Coulomb's Law and Gauss's Law 
4 ELECTRIC FIELDS II 64 The Equations of Poisson and Laplace. Charge Conservation. Conductors 
5 ELECTRIC FIELDS III se Electric Multipacks 
6 ELECTRIC FIELDS IV en Energy, Capacitance, and Forces *
7 ELECTRIC FIELDS V ill Electric Circuits A: RC Circuits *
8 ELECTRIC FIELDS VI 147 Electric Circuits B: Circuit Theorems 
9 ELECTRIC FIELDS VII 172 Dielectric Materials A: Bound Charges and the Electric Flux Density D 
10 ELECTRIC FIELDS VIII 192 Dielectric Materials Real Dielectrics, Continuity Conditions at an Interface, and Stored Energy 
11 ELECTRIC FIELDS IX 211 Images. Laplace's Equation in Rectangular Coordinates 
12 ELECTRIC FIELDS X us Laplace, Equation in Spherical Coo ales. Poisson, Equation frs '
13 RELATIVITY I 7.18 The LOPATA Transformation and Space... "
14 RELATIVITY II 221 The Lorentz ContraNion and Time Dilation. The Transformation of a Velocity.
15 RELATIVITY III 463 Mass, Momentum, Force, and Energy.
16 RELATIVITY IV 434 The Field of a Mooing Electric Charge.
17 RELATIVITY V MS Marwell, Equations. TheFitur.Potentia I A 
18 MAGNETIC FIELDS I The Magnetic flux Density B and the Vector Potential A 
19 MAGNETIC FIELDS II 348 The Vector Potential... Ampere, Orcultal Law 
20 MAGNETIC FIELDS III MO Magnetic Materials A: The Magnetic Au Density Band the Magnetic Field Strength H.
21 MAGNETIC FIELDS IV 374 Magnetic Materials Ferrontaurentm and Magne. Circuits 
22 MAGNETIC FIELDS V 387 The Magnetic Forcer on Charges and Currents 
23 MAGNETIC FIELDS VI412 The Faraday Induction Law.
24 MAGNETIC FIELDS VII 4.17 Electric Circuits C: Mutual und Self -Inductance '
25 MAGNETIC FIELDS VIII 452 Electric Circula Di Inductive Circa. and transformers 
26 MAGNETIC FIELDS IX 471 MagneticEnergy and Macroscopic Magnetic Forces 27 MAXWELL'S EQUATIONS 491 
28 PLANE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES I 514 Uniform Plane Waves in Free Space. No conductors. and Conductors.
29 PLANE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES II 516 Waves in Good Conductors and in Plasmas 
30 PLANE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES III sm Reflection and Refraction Al The Basic Laws and; resole', Eq.arns 
31 PLANE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IV 373 Reflection and Refraction Nonuniform Plane Waves and Total Repo
32 PLANE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES V 5.1 Reflection and Refraction C: Reflection and Refraction at the .The surface of a Good Conductor 
33 GUIDED WAVES I 411 General Principles. The Coaxial and Microstrip Lines 
34 GUIDED WAVES II 626 Fee Hollow Rectangular Waveguide.
35 GUIDED WAVES III 646 The Planar Optical Waveguide tt The Eigenvalue Equation.
36 GUIDED WAVES IV 661 The Planar Optical Watteguide 13: The Guided Wave 
37 RADIATION I 675 Me Potentials V and A and the Melds Emil!, 
38 RADIATION II 6,41 The Pleesfie DIP.Arriving 
39 RADIATION III 712 The Half.Wave Antenna, Antenna Arrays. and the Magnetic Dipole Antenna Appendix A SI PREFIXES AND THEIR SYMBOLS 730 
Appendix C WAVES 754 ANSWERS 729 INDEX 745 
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