Medical Microbiology by David

Medical Microbiology

David G., M. Barer, Richard Slack & Will Irving
Published in: Elsevier
Release Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-0702-0-4089-4
Pages: 795
Edition: Eighteenth edition
File Size: 75 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Medical Microbiology

This introductory Medical Microbiology textbook has served medical students, trainees in the clinical practice of infection and non-clinical scientists throughout the world for nearly 90 years.  The scope is particularly important for The global; infection is international and capable of rapid dissemination.

For this reason, not just those organisms and conditions that tend to take center stage in countries with advanced health care provision. We are aware of and value the cosmopolitan nature of our readership.

Content of Medical Microbiology

1 Microbiology and medicine 2
D. Greenwood and M. R. Barer
2 Morphology and nature of
micro-organisms 9
M. R. Barer
3 Classification, identification, and typing
of micro-organisms 24
T. L. Pitt and M. R. Barer
4 Bacterial growth, physiology
and death 39
M. R. Barer
5 Antimicrobial agents 54
D. Greenwood and W. L. Irving
6 Bacterial genetics 69
K. J. Towner
7 Virus–cell interactions 82
M. Norval

8 Immunological principles: Antigens and
antigen recognition 98
J. Stewart
9 Innate and acquired immunity 109
J. Stewart
10 Immunity in viral infections 136
J. Stewart
11 Parasitic infections: Pathogenesis and
immunity 144
J. Stewart
12 Immunity in bacterial infections 151
J. Stewart

13 Bacterial pathogenicity 156
D. A. A. Ala’Aldeen and K. G. Wooldridge
14 The natural history of infection 168
M. R. Barer

15 Staphylococcus 176
Skin infections; osteomyelitis; bloodstream
infection; food poisoning; foreign body
infections; MRSA
H. Humphreys
16 Streptococcus and enterococcus 183
Pharyngitis; scarlet fever; skin and soft
tissue infections; streptococcal toxic
shock syndrome; pneumonia; meningitis;
urinary tract infections; rheumatic fever;
post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
M. Kilian
17 Coryneform bacteria, listeria and
erysipelothrix 199
Diphtheria; listeriosis; erysipeloid
J. McLauchlin and P. Riegel
18 Mycobacterium 211
Tuberculosis; leprosy
J. M. Grange
19 Environmental mycobacteria 226
Opportunist disease
J. M. Grange
20 Actinomyces, Nocardia and
tropheryma 233
Actinomycosis; nocardiasis;
Whipple’s disease
J. M. Grange
21 Bacillus 237
Anthrax; food poisoning
J. E. Thwaite and H. S. Atkins
22 Clostridium 245
Gas gangrene; tetanus; food poisoning;
pseudomembranous colitis
T. V. Riley
23 Neisseria and Moraxella 256
Meningitis; septicemia; gonorrhea;
respiratory infections
N. J. Oldfield and D. A. A. Ala’Aldeen
24 Salmonella 265
Food poisoning; enteric fever
H. Chart
25 Shigella 275
Bacillary dysentery
H. Chart
26 Escherichia 280
Urinary tract infection; travelers’ diarrhea;
hemorrhagic colitis; hemolytic uraemic
H. Chart
27 Klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus and
other enterobacteria 290
Pneumonia; urinary tract infection;
opportunist infection
H. Chart
28 Pseudomonads and non-fermenters 298
Opportunist infection; cystic fibrosis;
J. R. W. Govan
29 Campylobacter and helicobacter 305
Enteritis; polyneuropathy; gastritis;
peptic ulcer disease; gastric cancer
J. M. Ketley and A. H. M. van Vliet
30 Vibrio, mobiluncus, Gardnerella
and spirillum 314
Cholera; vaginosis; rat-bite fever
H. Chart
31 Haemophilus 324
Respiratory infections; meningitis;
M. P. E. Slack
32 Bordetella 331
Whooping cough
N. W. Preston
33 Legionella 339
Legionnaires’ disease; Pontiac fever
J. Hood and G. F. S. Edwards
34 Brucella, Bartonella and
streptobacillus 343
Brucellosis; Oroya fever; trench fever;
cat scratch disease; bacillary angiomatosis;
rat-bite fever
M. J. Corbel
35 Yersinia, Pasteurella and Francisella 350
Plague; pseudotuberculosis; mesenteric
adenitis; pasteurellosis; tularaemia
M. J. Corbel
36 Non-sporing anaerobes 359
Wound infection; periodontal disease;
abscess; normal flora
R. P. Aller
37 Treponema and borrelia 365
Syphilis; yaws; relapsing fever; Lyme disease
A. Cockayne
38 Leptospira 375
Leptospirosis; Weil’s disease
M. Picardeau
39 Chlamydia 381
Genital and ocular infections; infertility;
atypical pneumonia
D. Mabey and R. W. Peeling
40 Rickettsia, oriental, Ehrlichia, anaplasma
and Coxiella 390
Typhus; spotted fevers; scrub typhus;
ehrlichioses; Q fever
D. H. Walker and Xue-Jie Yu
41 Mycoplasmas 400
Respiratory and genital tract infections
D. Taylor-Robinson

42 Adenoviruses 412
Respiratory disease; conjunctivitis;
gut infections
J. S. M. Peiris and C. R. Madeley
43 Herpesviruses 419
Herpes simplex; varicella and zoster;
infectious mononucleosis; B cell lymphomas;
cytomegalovirus disease; exanthem subitum;
Kaposi’s sarcoma; herpes B
I. Johannessen and M. M. Ogilvie
44 Poxviruses 446
Smallpox; molluscum contagiosum;
parapoxvirus infections
T. H. Pennington
45 Papillomaviruses and polyomaviruses 452
Warts: warts and cancers; polyomavirus
associated nephropathy; progressive
multifocal leuco-encephalopathy
H. A. Cubie, K. S. Cuschieri and C. Y. W. Tong
46 Hepadnaviruses 464
Hepatitis B virus infection; hepatitis delta
virus infection
C. Y. W. Tong
47 Parvoviruses 475
B19 infection; erythema infectiosum
P. J. Molyneaux
48 Picornaviruses 483
Meningitis; paralysis; rashes; intercostal
myositis; myocarditis; infectious hepatitis;
common cold
I. Johannessen and S. M. Burns
49 Orthomyxoviruses 497
M. Zambon
50 Paramyxoviruses 510
Respiratory infections; mumps; measles;
Hendra/Nipah disease
J. S. M. Peiris and C. R. Madeley
51 Arboviruses: alphaviruses, flaviviruses
and bunyaviruses 520
Encephalitis; yellow fever; dengue;
hemorrhagic fever; miscellaneous tropical
fevers; undifferentiated fever
A. D. T. Barrett and S. C. Weaver
52 Hepaciviruses and herpesviruses 537
Hepatitis C and E viruses; non-A,
non-B hepatitis
P. Simmonds
53 Arenaviruses and filoviruses 546
Viral hemorrhagic fevers
D. Safronetz, H. Feldmann and D. Falzarano
54 Reoviruses 559
N. A. Cunliffe and O. Nakagomi
55 Retroviruses 566
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome;
Y. A. Taha
56 Caliciviruses and astroviruses 579
Diarrhoeal disease
W. D. Cubitt
57 Coronaviruses 587
J. S. M. Peiris
58 Rhabdoviruses 594
D. M. Healy, A. C. Banyard and A. R. Fooks
59 Togaviruses 602
L. M. Hesketh
60 Prion diseases (transmissible spongiform
encephalopathies) 607
Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease; Gerstmann–
Sträussler–Scheinker syndrome; fatal
familial insomnia; iatrogenic Creutzfeldt–
Jakob disease; kuru; variant Creutzfeldt–
Jakob disease; bovine spongiform
encephalopathy; scrapie
J. W. Ironside

61 Fungi 616
Superficial, subcutaneous and
systemic mycoses
D. W. Warnock
62 Protozoa 642
Malaria; toxoplasmosis; cryptosporidiosis;
amoebiasis; trypanosomiasis; leishmaniasis;
giardiasis; trichomoniasis
D. Greenwood
63 Helminths 655
Intestinal worm infections; filariasis;
schistosomiasis; hydatid disease
D. Greenwood
64 Arthropods 667
Arthropod-borne diseases; ectoparasitic
infections; allergy
R. C. Russell

65 Infective syndromes 678
R. C. B. Slack
66 Diagnostic procedures 689
R. C. B. Slack
67 Strategy of antimicrobial
chemotherapy 697
R. C. B. Slack
68 Epidemiology and control of the community
infections 708
D. Reid and D. Goldberg
69 Hospital infection 718
R. C. B. Slack
70 Immunization 727
R. C. B. Slack
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