Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective 8th Edition (PDF)

Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective 8th Edition

Author: Denise G. Anderson, Sarah N. Salm, Deborah P. Allen & Eugene W. Nester
Release at: 2015
Pages: 897
Edition: 8th Edition
File Size: 89 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective 8th Edition (PDF)

Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective 8th Edition by Anderson, Salm, Allen & Nester is a great microbiology book available for PDF download. The Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective is Prefer to all of the students of Microbiology, Zoology, Biology subject related. Because this Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective helps microbiology, biology, and other science-related students for majors balances cutting edge research with the concepts essential for understanding the field of microbiology.

Welcome to the amazing world of microbiology! This edition of Nester’s Microbiology marks the official beginning of my role as the textbook’s lead author. I’m not entirely a newbie—I’ve been a coauthor for over a decade, so I was the logical choice to take over when Eugene Nester retired. It’s an honor as well as an incredible responsibility, but I truly love sharing my passion for the subject with students. When I teach my introductory microbiology course, I always start with comments I’ve received from previous students. Why student opinions? Because I’m admittedly biased by my love of microbiology, so my students’ words might have more influence that first day. I’ve decided to do the same here because, well, I want you to be as excited about microbiology as I am!

It’s not just that I want you to look forward to learning about microbiology—I also want you to succeed. So that leads me from my “pep talk” to my “stern talk.” To do well in a microbiology course, you have to approach your studying with the intent to understand the information rather than just memorize it. That’s where the textbook comes in. My coauthors and I have spent countless hours making every explanation clear and logical—so read your book! You’ll be amazed at the information that’s at your fingertips! Work to understand the various processes and learn the vocabulary required to explain them to someone else. It’s not just about passing your class—it’s about building a strong foundation of knowledge that will serve you well in all aspects of life.

Content of Nester’s Microbiology A Human Perspective 8th Edition (PDF)

PART I: Life and Death of Microorganisms

Chapter 1: Humans and the Microbial World

Chapter 2: The Molecules of Life

Chapter 3: Microscopy and Cell Structure

Chapter 4: Dynamics of Microbial Growth

Chapter 5: Control of Microbial Growth

Chapter 6: Metabolism: Fueling Cell Growth

Chapter 7: The Blueprint of Life, from DNA to Protein

Chapter 8: Bacterial Genetics

Chapter 9: Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA

PART II: The Microbial World

Chapter 10: Identifying and Classifying Microorganisms

Chapter 11: The Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea

Chapter 12: The Eukaryotic Members of the Microbial World

Chapter 13: Viruses, Viroids, and Prions

PART III: Microorganisms and Humans

Chapter 14: The Innate Immune Response

Chapter 15: The Adaptive Immune Response

Chapter 16: Host-Microbe Interactions

Chapter 17: Immunologic Disorders

Chapter 18: Applications of Immune Responses

Chapter 19: Epidemiology

Chapter 20: Antimicrobial Medications

PART IV: Infectious Diseases

Chapter 21: Respiratory System Infections

Chapter 22: Skin Infections

Chapter 23: Wound Infections

Chapter 24: Digestive System Infections

Chapter 25: Blood and Lymphatic Infections

Chapter 26: Nervous System Infections

Chapter 27: Genitourinary Tract Infections

PART V: Applied Microbiology

Chapter 28: Microbial Ecology 765

Chapter 29: Environmental Microbiology: Treatment of Water, Wastes, and Polluted Habitats

Chapter 30: Food Microbiology





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