Organic Chemistry I for Dummies 2nd Edition (PDF)

Organic Chemistry for Dummies

Arthur Winter
Pages: 384
Edition: 2nd edition
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File Type: pdf/epub
Language: English

Description of Organic Chemistry I for Dummies 2nd Edition

Organic Chemistry I for Dummies 2nd Edition written by Arthur Winter is a great book for Organic Chemistry studies available in (PDF) download. This Organic Chemistry I For Dummies, I’ve written the book that I would’ve wanted when I was taking the first semester of organic chemistry. That means that this Organic Chemistry I For Dummies book is very practical. It doesn’t try to mimic a textbook or try to replace it. Instead, it’s designed as a complement to a text, highlighting the most important concepts in your chemistry textbook. Whereas an Organic Chemistry I For Dummies textbook gives you mostly a “just-the-facts-ma’am” style of coverage of the material — and provides you with lots of problems at the ends of chapters to see if you can apply those facts — this Organic Chemistry I For Dummies, book acts as an interpreter, guide and translator to the fundamental concepts in the subject. Organic Chemistry I For Dummies book also gets to the nuts and bolts of how to actually go about tackling certain problems in organic chemistry.

Tackling the problems is where the student's majority have the most trouble, in part because so many aspects of a problem must be considered. Where’s the best place to start a problem?  What interesting features do professors like to slip into problems, and what’s the best strategy for tackling a particular problem type? I answer some of these questions in this Organic Chemistry I For Dummies book. Although an Organic chemistry book cannot possibly show you how to solve every kind of problem that you encounter in organic chemistry, it does provide guides for areas that, in my experience, students typically have trouble with.

Content of Organic Chemistry I for Dummies 2nd Edition


Part 1: Getting Started with Organic Chemistry
Chapter 1: The Organic Chemistry Wonderful World
Chapter 2: Dissecting Atoms: Atomic Bonding and Structure
Chapter 3: Speaking with Pictures: Drawing Structures
Chapter 4: Covering the Acids the Bases
Chapter 5: Reactivity Centers: Functional Groups
Chapter 6: Seeing in 3-D: Stereochemistry

Part 2: Hydrocarbons
Chapter 7: What's in a Name? Alkane Nomenclature
Chapter 8: Drawing Alkanes
Chapter 9: Seeing Double: The Alkenes
Chapter 10: Reactions of Alkenes
Chapter 11: It Takes Alkynes: The Triple Carbon Bond

Part 3: Functional Groups
Chapter 12: Removing and Replacing: Elimination and Substitution Reactions
Chapter 13: Organic Molecules: The Alcohols
Chapter 14: Side-by-Side: The Diels and Conjugated Alkenes—Alder Reaction
Chapter 15: The Rings Lord: Aromatic Compounds
Chapter 16: Bringing Out the Howitzers: Aromatic Compounds Reactions

Part 4: Spectroscopy and Structure Determination
Chapter 17: A Smashing Time: Mass Spectrometry
Chapter 18: Seeing Good Vibrations: IR Spectroscopy
Chapter 19: NMR Spectroscopy
Chapter 20: Following the Clues: Solving Problems in NMR

Part 5: The Part of Tens
Chapter 21: Ten (Or So) Great Organic Chemists
Chapter 22: Ten Cool Organic Discoveries
Chapter 23: Ten Cool Organic Molecules

Part 6: Appendixes
Appendix A: Working Multistep Synthesis Problems
Appendix B: Working Reaction Mechanisms
Appendix C: Glossary

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