Pericyclic Reactions A Mechanistic and Problem-Solving Approach

Pericyclic Reactions

Sunil Kumar, Vinod Kumar & S.P. Singh
Published in: Academic Press
Release Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-12-803640-2
Pages: 371
Edition: First edition
File Size: 65 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Pericyclic Reactions A Mechanistic and Problem-Solving Approach

Ever since the appearance of the classic The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry by Woodward and Hoffmann in 1970, there has been a surge in the publication of many books and excellent review articles dealing with this topic. This was natural as after having established mechanisms of ionic and radical reactions, the focus had shifted to uncover the mechanisms of the so-called “no-mechanism reactions.” 
It is now possible to predict the stereochemistry of such reactions by following the simple rule that stereochemical consequences of reactions initiated thermally will be opposite to those performed under photochemical conditions. The study of pericyclic reactions, as these are known today, is an integral part of our understanding of organic reaction mechanisms.

Despite the presence of many excellent Pericyclic Reactions books on this vibrant topic, there was an absence of a Pericyclic Reactions book that concentrates primarily on a problem-solving approach for understanding this topic. We had realized during our teaching career that the most effective way to learn a conceptual topic is through such an approach. This Pericyclic Reactions book is written to fill this important gap in the belief that it would be helpful to students to have problems pertaining to different types of pericyclic reactions compiled together in a single Pericyclic Reactions book.
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