Plant Genome Biodiversity and Evolution

Plant Genome Biodiversity and Evolution

A. K. Sharma and Archana Sharma
Published in: Science Publishers
Release Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-57808-507-1
Pages: 417
Edition: Volume 1, Part E Phanerogams - Angiosperm
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Description of Plant Genome Biodiversity and Evolution

The term genome, the basic gene complement of an individual, is almost synonymous with the chromosome complement of both nucleus and organelles. Refinements in cellular, genetic and molecular methods in recent years have opened up unexplored avenues in genome research.
The modern tools of gene and genome analyses, coupled with analysis of finer segments of gene sequences in chromosomes utilizing molecular hybridization, are now applied on a wider scale in different groups of plants, ranging from algae to angiosperms. This synergistic approach has made the study of biodiversity highly fascinating, permitting a deep insight into the molecular basis of genetic diversity. Simultaneous to the enrichment of fundamentals in systematics and phylogeny, the plant system, because of its inherent flexibility, has permitted genetic engineering and horizontal transfer of genes with immense importance in agriculture, horticulture, and medicine.
Despite the fact that the data on plant genomics with its impact on the assessment of biodiversity and evolution shows a logarithmic increase, a comprehensive series on the aspect covering all groups of the plant kingdom is sadly lacking. In view of this lacuna, the present series on Plant Genomics: Biodiversity and Evolution has been planned. It aims to cover, in successive volumes, comprehensive reviews, concepts, and discussions on the results of genome analysis and their impact on systematics, taxonomy, phylogeny, and evolution of all plant groups. We have not gone out of our way to seek original articles, but in course of reviews and discussions, research articles, if any, are welcome.

Content of Plant Genome Biodiversity and Evolution

1. Repetitive DNA and Plant Evolution
M. Ceccarelli, V Sarri and PG. Cionini

2. Evolution and Phylogenetic Relationship of the Rice Genome 15
Akhilesh K. Tyagi, Jitendra I! Khurana, Paramjit Khurana,
Shubha Vij, Mukesh Jain, and V Ravi

3. Genome Organization and Evolution in Genus Quercus (Fagaceae): Special Attention to Two
European White Oaks Quercus petraea (Matt.)
Liebl. and Q. Robur L.
Vlatka Zoldos Pecnik

4. Biodiversity and Evolution of Castanea Fenny Dane and Ping Lang

5. Cytogenetic and Molecular Evidence on the Evolutionary Relationships Among Arachis Species 101
Graciela I. Lavia, Aveliano Fernandez, and Jose Guillermo Seijo

6. Biodiversity, Genetic Enhancement and Molecular Approaches in Lentil 135
Michael Baum, AZaddin Harnwieh, Bonnie Furman,
Ashtusosh Sarker and William Erskine

7. Phylogenetic Relationships of the Genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae): Comparing and Combining
Data Sets from the Chloroplast Genome
Carolyn J. Ferguson, Shannon D. Fehlberg,
Kristen A. Ford and Suzanne C. Strakosh

8. Genus Silene (Caryophyllaceae) - Evolutionary Diversification and Sex Chromosome Formation
Jitka Zluvova, Bohuslav Janousek, Roman Hobza,
Jaroslav Mracek, Alexander Widmer, and Boris Vyskot

9. Molecular Phylogenetics of Hamamelidaceae: Evidence from DNA Sequences of Nuclear and
Chloroplast Genomes
Jianhua Li

10. The Potential of Molecular Analysis and Interspecific Hybridization for Azalea
Phylogenetic Research
Jan De Riek, Valentina Scariot, Tom Eeckhaut,
Ellen De Keyser, Nobuo Kobayashi, and Takashi Handa

1 1. Phylogeny, Diversity, and Evolution of Eucalypts Margaret Byrne

12. Dahlia: Cytogenetics and Evolution Brian Grant Murray
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