The Evolution of Parental Care First Edition (PDF)

The Evolution of Parental Care First Edition (PDF)
Author: Nick J. Royle, Per T. Smiseth & Mathias K├Âlliker
Release at: 2012
Pages: 377
Edition: 1st Edition
File Size: 3 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of The Evolution of Parental Care First Edition (PDF)

The Evolution of Parental Care by N. J. Royle & P. T. Smiseth is a great book for study of how to origin parental care, available for PDF download. Parental care is a trait that shows tremendous diversity both within and across different animal taxa and is an important topic in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology. Parental care forms an integral part of an organism’s reproduction, development, and life-history, and because caring for offspring means that parents have less time, resources, or energy available to search for or attract mates, the evolution of parental care is closely linked with sexual selection. In addition, the evolution of parental care represents an important step in the evolution of sociality as it leads to the formation of family groups, which provides a bridge to more complex forms of social structures. But because parents and offspring share only some of their genes, conflicts emerge in sexually reproducing organisms that shape the evolution of parental care and offspring strategies to demand care. As a consequence, the family also constitutes a model to understand the evolutionary tension between cooperation and conflict.

More recently new areas of research altogether have emerged, such as the evolutionary and molecular genetics of parental care. It, therefore, seemed high time to have a go at synthesizing these exciting developments in the study of the evolution of parental care. The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive, fresh overview of research on the evolution of parental care in animals. The book integrates the major advances in the field over the last two decades since Clutton-Brock’s (1991) book, focusing on establishing key concepts and on drawing general principles whilst emphasizing a broad taxonomic approach throughout. There are three main sections that represent major themes in the evolution of parental care and 18 chapters. The chapters and sections are arranged in a logical order to encourage the reading of the book from front to back. Nevertheless, each chapter has been written so that it can easily be read in isolation, too.

Content of The Evolution of Parental Care First Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: What is parental care?

Section I ➤ Origin and Evolution of Parental Care

Chapter 2: Theoretical foundations of parental care

Chapter 3: Benefits and costs of parental care

Chapter 4: Patterns of parental care in vertebrates

Chapter 5: Patterns of parental care in invertebrates

Chapter 6: Sex differences in parental care

Section II ➤ Conflict and Cooperation in Parental Care

Chapter 7: Parent-offspring conflict

Chapter 8: Sibling competition and cooperation over parental care

Chapter 9: Sexual conflict

Chapter 10: Sex allocation

Chapter 11: Paternity, maternity, and parental care

Chapter 12: Cooperative breeding systems

Chapter 13: Brood parasitism

Section III ➤ Evolutionary Genetics of Parental Care

Chapter 15: The quantitative genetic theory of parental effects

Chapter 16: Parent-offspring co-adaptation

Chapter 17: Genetics and epigenetics of parental care

Section IV ➤ Conclusions

Chapter 18: The evolution of parental care: summary, conclusions, and implications



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