Virus Taxonomy

Virus Taxonomy

Claude M. Fauquet, M.A. Mayo, J. Maniloff, U. Desselberger, L.A. Ball
Published in: Academic Press
Release Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-0122-4-9951-7
Pages: 1273
Edition: Second Edition
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File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Virus Taxonomy

Virus Taxonomy, The practical need to partition the world of the viruses into distinguishable universally agreed upon entities is the ultimate justification for developing a virus classification system. The first internationally organized attempts to introduce some order in the bewildering variety of viruses took place at the International Congress of Microbiology held in Moscow in 1966.
A Committee was created, later called The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) which was given the task of developing a single, universal taxonomic scheme for all the viruses infecting animals (vertebrates, invertebrates, and protozoa), plants (higher plants and algae), fungi, bacteria and archaea.
In 1991, the ICTV agreed that the hierarchical level of species would be defined and added to the categories of genus, subfamily, family, and order which were already in use in the universal virus classification system. In this 8th Report, the list of recognized virus species has been further extended and the demarcation criteria used to discriminate between individual virus species in different genera have been spelled out as far as possible.
This work is still incomplete and will continue to require the input of the more than 70 Study-Groups who provide the information codified in ICTV Reports. The present report represents the work of more than 500 virologists worldwide, i.e. the members of the Study Groups, Subcommittees and the Executive Committee of the ICTV. The compilers of the Report wish to express their gratitude to all these virologists.

Content of Virus Taxonomy

Part I: Introduction to Universal Virus Taxonomy 3
Part II: The Viruses 9
 A Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms 10 
 Taxa Listed by Nucleic Acid and Size of the Genome 12
 The Virus Diagrams 14 The Virus Particle Structures 19 
 The Order of Presentation of the Viruses 23
 The Double-Stranded DNA Viruses 33
 The Single-Stranded DNA Viruses 277
 The DNA and RNA Reverse Transcribing Viruses 371
 The Double-Stranded RNA Viruses 441
 The Negative Sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses 607
 The Positive Sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses 739
 The Unassigned Viruses 1129
 The Subviral Agents 1145
 Viroids 1147 Satellites 1163
 Vertebrate Prions 1171
 Fungal Prions 1179
Part III: The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses 1191
 Officers and Members of the ICTV, 1999-2002 1193
 The Statutes of the ICTV, 1998 1205
 The Code of Virus Classification and Nomenclature, 1998 1209
Part IV: Indexes 1215
 Virus Index 1217
 Taxonomic Index 1258
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