Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics 4th Edition (PDF)

Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics: Problems and Approaches 4th Edition (PDF)
Author: M. R.Speicher, S. E. Antonarakis & A. G. Motulsky
Release at: 2010
Pages: 1006
Edition: 4th Edition (Problems and Approaches)
File Size: 22 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics 4th Edition (PDF)

Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics 4th Edition by M. R.Speicher, S. E. Antonarakis & A. G. Motulsky is a great book, available in PDF download. The fi rst edition of Human Genetics, Problems and Approaches , was published in 1970 by human geneticists Friedrich Vogel and Arno Motulsky as sole authors. The aim was broad coverage and in-depth analysis of both medical and human genetics with an emphasis on problems and approaches with occasional historical comments. This point of view was fully explained in an introductory chapter of the three previous editions (1970, 1976, 1997). The book acquired an excellent reputation as an advanced text of human genetics and has been translated into Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese. Our general aims for the fourth edition remain similar and together with novel developments are now set out in the Introduction of this new 4th edition.

An outline of the fourth edition’s contents was developed and various internationally known geneticists, including the new editors, were selected to write the individual chapters. The resultant titles are listed in the table of contents. Most chapters are entirely new, while only three chapters (1, 5, and 6 ) utilize the third edition with appropriate, up-to-date revisions. Entirely new chapters include the description of the human genome, epigenetics, pharmacogenetics, genetic epidemiology, human evolution, genetics of mental retardation, autism, alcoholism and other addictions, consanguinity and related matters, gene therapy, cloning and genetic aspects of global health. Multiple chapters of various animal models used in the study of human and medical genetics are novel as are Databases and Genome Browsers as well as Databases Used in Human and Medical Genetics.

The final content of the book was the result of many e-mails and conference calls. This new, updated, and totally revised edition does not contain some important and historically interesting chapters on certain topics. These can be found in the 3rd edition of the book published in 1997, which was exclusively authored by F. Vogel and A.G. Motulsky.

Content of Vogel and Motulsky's Human Genetics 4th Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: History of Human Genetics

Chapter 2: Human Genome Sequence and Variation

Chapter 3: Chromosomes

Chapter 4: From Genes to Genomics to Proteomics

Chapter 5: Formal Genetics of Humans: Modes of Inheritance

Chapter 6: Linkage Analysis for Monogenic Traits

Chapter 7: Oligogenic Disease

Chapter 8: Formal Genetics of Humans: Multifactorial Inheritance and Common Diseases

Chapter 8.1: Lessons from the Genome-Wide Association Studies for Complex Multifactorial Disorders and Traits

Chapter 9: Epigenetics

Chapter 10: Human Gene Mutation: Mechanisms and Consequences

Chapter 11: Human Hemoglobin

Chapter 12: Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Chapter 13: Gene Action: Developmental Genetics

Chapter 14: Cancer Genetics

Chapter 15: The Role of the Epigenome in Human Cancers

Chapter 16: Population Genetic Principles and Human Populations

Chapter 17: Consanguinity, Genetic Drift, and Genetic Diseases in Populations with Reduced Numbers of Founders

Chapter 18: Human Evolution

Chapter 19: Comparative Genomics

Chapter 20: Genetics and Genomics of Human Population Structure

Chapter 21: Genetic Epidemiology

Chapter 22: Pharmacogenetics

Chapter 23: Behavioral Genetics

Chapter 23.1: The Genetics of Personality

Chapter 23.2: Mental Retardation and Intellectual Disability

Chapter 23.3: Genetic Factors in Alzheimer Disease and Dementia

Chapter 23.4: Genetics of Autism

Chapter 23.5: The Genetics of Alcoholism and Other Addictive Disorders

Chapter 23.6: Behavioral Aspects of Chromosomal Variants

Chapter 23.7: Genetics of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder

Chapter 24: Model Organisms for Human Disorders

Chapter 24.1: Mouse as a Model for Human Disease

Chapter 24.2: Caenorhabditis elegans, A Simple Worm: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Systems-Level Biology

Chapter 24.3: Drosophila as a Model for Human Disease

Chapter 24.4: Human Genetics and the Canine System

Chapter 24.5: Fish as a Model for Human Disease

Chapter 25: Genetic Counseling and Prenatal Diagnosis

Chapter 26: Gene Therapy

Chapter 27: Cloning in Research and Treatment of Human Genetic Disease

Chapter 28: Genetic Medicine and Global Health

Chapter 29: Genetic Databases

Chapter 29.1: Databases and Genome Browsers

Chapter 29.2: Ensembl Genome Browser

Chapter 29.3: Databases in Human and Medical Genetics




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