Biology Is Technology by Robert H. Carlson

Biology Is Technology
Robert H. Carlson
Release at: 2010
Pages: 290
First Edition
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File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Biology Is Technology by Robert H. Carlson

This Biology Is Technology book is the sum of more than a decade of discussions, research, and travel. The effort was made possible only through the generosity and patience of friends, colleagues, and family. The first draft was written while I was a Visiting Scholar in the Comparative History of Ideas Program at the University of Washington; many thanks to John Toews and the late Jim Clowes.

I am especially grateful to Dianne Carlson, Eric Carlson, Drew Endy, Sarah Keller, Rik Wehbring, and anonymous reviewers for reading drafts, providing invaluable comments, and asking hard questions. My journey into thinking about biology’s role in the economy benefited at every step from conversations with my colleagues Stephen Aldrich and James Newcomb at Bio Economic Research Associates (Bio-era). Our intellectual travels through biofuels, pandemics, vaccines, commodities trading, the oil and gas business, and international finance, supplemented by our real-world travels through North America, Asia, and Europe, provided an unparalleled education.

Content of Biology Is Technology by Robert H. Carlson

1 What Is Biology? 1

2 Building with Biological Parts 8

3 Learning to Fly (or Yeast, Geese, and 747s) 20

4 The Second Coming of Synthetic Biology 33

5 A Future History of Biological Engineering 50

6 The Pace of Change in Biological Technologies 63

7 The International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition 81

8 Reprogramming Cells and Building Genomes 97

9 The Promise and Peril of Biological Technologies 108

10 The Sources of Innovation and the Effects of Existing and Proposed Regulations 131

11 Laying the Foundations for a Bioeconomy 150

12 Of Straitjackets and Springboards for Innovation 178

13 Open-Source Biology, or Open Biology? 200

14 What Makes a Revolution? 218

Afterword 240

Notes 243

Index 267

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