Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals

Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals
D.C. Bradley, R.C. Mehrotra, I.P. Rothwell & A. Singh
Release at: 2001
Pages: 703
First Edition
File Size: 7 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals

The value of Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals book may well be judged by the number of times a person has to buy it, for, while many books once read gather dust upon a shelf, those more often sought can sometimes be seldom found. Over 20 years ago, I was fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of “Metal Alkoxides” by Bradley, Mehrotra, and Gaur. As one interested in alkoxide metal chemistry, this proved a valuable reference for me and my research group. In fact, I had to purchase two subsequent copies and probably would have purchased more were it not for the fact that the book became out of print and unavailable except through the library. Now I have received the galley proofs of the second edition entitled “Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals” by Bradley,

Mehrotra, Rothwell, and Singh. After 20 years, virtually every field of chemistry must have changed to the extent that a new edition would be appropriate. However, it is unlikely that any field of chemistry, save computational chemistry, will have changed as much as that of the chemistry of metal alkoxides and aryloxides during the period 1978–2000. The explosion of interest in metal alkoxides has arisen primarily for two reasons. First and foremost, we have witnessed the tremendous growth of materials chemistry spurred on by the discovery of high-temperature superconducting oxides and by the increasingly important role of other metal oxides to technology. 

Metal alkoxides, mixed metal alkoxides, and their related complexes have played an essential role in the development of new routes to these materials either by sol-gel or chemical vapor deposition techniques. In the second area of almost equal magnitude, we have seen the growth of a new area of organometallic chemistry and catalysis supported by alkoxide or aryloxide ancillary ligands. As a consequence of these major changes in chemistry, virtually any issue of a current chemistry journal will feature articles dealing with metal alkoxides and aryloxides. Thus, although the present book owes its origins, and to some extent its format, to the first edition, its content is largely new. For example, while the first edition reported on but a handful of structurally characterized metal alkoxides, this second edition carries a whole chapter dealing with this topic, a chapter with over 500 references to publications. The second edition is, therefore, most timely, if not somewhat overdue, and will be a most valuable reference work for this rapidly expanding field of chemistry. I only hope that I can hold on to my copy more successfully than I did in the first instance.

Content of Alkoxo and Aryloxo Derivatives of Metals

1 - Introduction, Pages 1-2

2 - Homometallic Alkoxides, Pages 3-181

3 - Heterometallic Alkoxides, Pages 183-228

4 - X-Ray Crystal Structures of Alkoxo Metal Compounds, Pages 229-382

5 - Metal Oxo-alkoxides, Pages 383-443

6 - Metal Aryloxides, Pages 445-669

7 - Industrial Applications, Pages 671-686

Index, Pages 687-704

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