Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume 3

Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology
George M. Garrity, Don J. Brenner, 
Noel R. Krieg & James T. Staley
Release at: 2009
Pages: 1450
2nd Edition/Volume 3 The Firmicutes
File Size: 16 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd Edition Volume 3

Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume 3 (pdf) Free Download. Written by James T. Staley, David R. Boone, Don J. Brenner, and et al. Tthe Editors is a long-standing tradition of Bergey’s Manual to open their respective editions with the observation that the new edition is a departure from the earlier ones. As this volume goes to press, however, we recognize a need to deviate from this practice, by offering a separate preface to each volume within Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd edition. In part, this departure is necessary because the size and complexity of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology edition far exceeded our expectations, as has the amount of time that has elapsed between the publication of the first volume of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd edition and Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume 3.

Systematic procaryotic biology is a dynamic field, driven by methodological advances and constant theoretical that will ultimately lead to a more useful and perfect classification scheme. Much of the increase can be attributed to rapid advances in sequencing technology, which has brought about a major shift in how we view the relationships between Bacteria and Archaea. While universally possibility for the applicable natural classification was evident as the First Edition was in preparation, it is only recently that the sequence databases became the taxonomic coverage and large enough broad enough to make such an arrangement feasible.

Content of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd Edition Volume 3

Phylum XIII. Firmicutes.  19

Class I. “Bacilli”.  19

Order I. Bacillales.  20

Family I. Bacillaceae20

Genus I. Bacillus 21

Genus II. Alkalibacillus  128

Genus III. Amphibacillus  130

Genus IV. Anoxybacillus  134

Genus V. Cerasibacillus.  141

Genus VI. Filobacillus  142

Genus VII. Geobacillus.  144

Genus VIII. Gracilibacillus 160

Genus IX. Halobacillus.  164

Genus X. Halolactibacillus 168

Genus XI. Lentibacillus.  175

Genus XII. Marinococcus 178

Genus XIII. Oceanobacillus.  181

Genus XIV. Paraliobacillus 185

Genus XV. Pontibacillus.  189

Genus XVI. Saccharococcus 190

Genus XVII. Tenuibacillus 191

Genus XVIII. Thalassobacillus193

Genus XIX. Virgibacillus  193

Family II. “Alicyclobacillaceae”.  229

Genus I. Alicyclobacillus  229

Family III. “Listeriaceae”244

Genus I. Listeria 244

Genus II. Brochothrix257

Family IV. “Paenibacillaceae” 269

Genus I. Paenibacillus  269

Genus II. Ammoniphilus.  296

Genus III. Aneurinibacillus 298

Genus IV. Brevibacillus.  305

Genus V. Cohnella316

Genus VI. Oxalophagus.  320

Genus VII. Thermobacillus.  321

Family V. Pasteuriaceae328

Genus I. Pasteuria328

Family VI. Planococcaceae  348

Genus I. Planococcus  348

Genus II. Caryophanon.  354

Genus III. Filibacter.  359

Genus IV. Jeotgalibacillus 364

Genus V. Kurthia 364

Genus VI. Marinibacillus  370

Genus VII. Planomicrobium.  373

Genus VIII. Sporosarcina  377

Genus IX. Ureibacillus  381

Family VII. “Sporolactobacillaceae”386

Genus I. Sporolactobacillus.  386

Family VIII. “Staphylococcaceae”392

Genus I. Staphylococcus  392

Genus II. Jeotigalicoccus 421

Genus III. Macrococcus.  422

Genus IV. Salinicoccus.  426

Family IX. “Thermoactinomycetaceae”.  434

Genus I. Thermoactinomyces443

Genus II. Laceyella.  444

Genus III. Mechercharimyces445

Genus IV. Planifilum.  446

Genus V. Seinonella.  447

Genus VI. Shimazuella.  448

Genus VII. Thermoflavimicrobium  449

Family X. Incertae Sedis  454

Genus I. Thermicanus  454

Family XI. Incertae Sedis  455

Genus I. Gemella 455

Family XII. Incertae Sedis.  460

Genus I. Exiguobacterium 460

Order II. “Lactobacillales”.  464

Family I. Lactobacillaceae.  465

Genus I. Lactobacillus  465

Genus II. Paralactobacillus.  511

Genus III. Pediococcus.  513

Family II. “Aerococcaceae”.  533

Genus I. Aerococcus533

Genus II. Abiotrophia536

Genus III. Dolosicoccus.  538

Genus IV. Eremococcus  540

Genus V. Facklamia.  541

Genus VI. Globicatella  544

Genus VII. Ignavigranum  546

Family III. “Carnobacteriaceae” 549

Genus I. Carnobacterium 549

Genus II. Alkalibacterium  557

Genus III. Allofustis.  559

Genus IV. Alloiococcus.  562

Genus V. Atopobacter  563

Genus VI. Atopococcus.  565

Genus VII. Atopostipes.  566

Genus VIII. Desemzia  568

Genus IX. Dolosigranulum 572

Genus X. Granulicatella.  574

Genus XI. Isobaculum  579

Genus XII. Marinilactibacillus580

Genus XIII. Trichococcus  585

Family IV. “Enterococcaceae” 594

Genus I. Enterococcus.  594

Genus II. Melissococcus  607

Genus III. Tetragenococcus.  611

Genus IV. Vagococcus  616

Family V. “Leuconostocaceae”.  624

Genus I. Leuconostoc  624

Genus II. Oenococcus  635

Genus III. Weissella.  643

Family VI. Streptococcaceae 655

Genus I. Streptococcus.  655

Genus II. Lactococcus  711

Genus III. Lactovum722

Class II. “Clostridia”.  736

Order I. Clostridiales.  736

Family I. Clostridiaceae736

Genus I. Clostridium738

Genus II. Alkaliphilus828

Genus III. Anaerobacter  830

Genus IV. Anoxynatronum 831

Genus V. Caloramator  834

Genus VI. Caloranaerobacter839

Genus VII. Caminicella.  840

Genus VIII. Natronincola  841

Genus IX. Oxobacter842

Genus X. Sarcina843

Genus XI. Thermobrachium 848

Genus XII. Thermohalobacter848

Genus XIII. Tindallia.  851

Family II. “Eubacteriaceae”  865

Genus I. Eubacterium  865

Genus II. Acetobacterium 891

Genus III. Alkalibacter  896

Genus IV. Anaerofustis.  897

Genus V. Garciella900

Genus VI. Pseudoramibacter 902

Family III. “Gracilibacteraceae”.  910

Genus I. Gracilibacter  910

Family IV. “Heliobacteriaceae”.  913

Genus I. Heliobacterium  916

Genus II. Heliobacillus  918

Genus III. Heliophilum  918

Genus IV. Heliorestis919

Family V. “Lachnospiraceae” 921

Genus I. Lachnospira921

Genus II. Acetitomaculum 923

Genus III. Anaerostipes.  924

Genus IV. Bryantella925

Genus V. Butyrivibrio927

Genus VI. Catonella937

Genus VII. Coprococcus  940

Genus VIII. Dorea941

Genus IX. Hespellia.  944

Genus X. Johnsonella  945

Genus XI. Lachnobacterium 946

Genus XII. Moryella.  948

Genus XIII. Oribacterium 950

Genus XIV. Parasporobacterium952

Genus XV. Pseudobutyrivibrio952

Genus XVI. Roseburia.  954

Genus XVII. Shuttleworthia.  957

Genus XVIII. Sporobacterium959

Genus XIX. Syntrophococcus961

Family VI. Peptococcaceae  969

Genus I. Peptococcus  971

Genus II. Cryptanaerobacter 971

Genus III. Dehalobacter .  974

Genus IV. Desulfi tobacterium975

Genus V. Desulfonispora  982

Genus VI. Desulfosporosinus983

Genus VII. Desulfotomaculum989

Genus VIII. Pelotomaculum.  996

Genus IX. Sporotomaculum.  999

Genus X. Syntrophobotulus.  1000

Genus XI. Thermincola .  1001

Family VII. “Peptostreptococcaceae”  1008

Genus I. Peptostreptococcus 1008

Genus II. Filifactor1009

Genus III. Tepidibacter  1013

Family VIII. “Ruminococcaceae” 1016

Genus I. Ruminococcus .  1016

Genus II. Acetanaerobacterium  .  1019

Genus III. Acetivibrio1020

Genus IV. Anaerofi lum  1022

Genus V. Anaerotruncus  1023

Genus VI. Faecalibacterium.  1026

Genus VII. Fastidiosipila  1028

Genus VIII. Oscillospira .  1031

Genus IX. Papillibacter .  1033

Genus X. Sporobacter  1034

Genus XI. Subdoligranulum.  1037

Family IX. Syntrophomonadaceae  .  1044

Genus I. Syntrophomonas 1045

Genus II. Pelospora  .  1051

Genus III. Syntrophospora 1052

Genus IV. Syntrophothermus 1053

Genus V. Thermosyntropha.  1055

Family X. Veillonellaceae  1059

Genus I. Veillonella  .  1059

Genus II. Acetonema1065

Genus III. Acidaminococcus 1067

Genus IV. Allisonella1068

Genus V. Anaeroarcus  1069

Genus VI. Anaeroglobus  1071

Genus VII. Anaeromusa .  1073

Genus VIII. Anaerosinus  1074

Genus IX. Anaerovibrio .  1075

Genus X. Centipeda1077

Genus XI. Dendrosporobacter1079

Genus XII. Dialister  .  1080

Genus XIII. Megasphaera 1082

Genus XIV. Mitsuokella .  1090

Genus XV. Pectinatus  1094

Genus XVI. Phascolarctobacterium .  1100

Genus XVII. Propionispira 1102

Genus XVIII. Propionispora.  1103

Genus XIX. Quinella1104

Genus XX. Schwartzia  1105

Genus XXI. Selenomonas 1106

Genus XXII. Sporomusa  1112

Genus XXIII. Succiniclasticum1116

Genus XXIV. Succinispira 1117

Genus XXV. Thermosinus 1118

Genus XXVI. Zymophilus  1119

Family XI. Incertae Sedis  1130

Genus I. Anaerococcus .  1130

Genus II. Finegoldia.  1131

Genus III. Gallicola.  1132

Genus IV. Helcococcus.  1132

Genus V. Parvimonas  1135

Genus VI. Peptoniphilus  1136

Genus VII. Sedimentibacter.  1137

Genus VIII. Soehngenia.  1141

Genus IX. Sporanaerobacter 1143

Genus X. Tissierella.  1146

Family XII. Incertae Sedis.  1150

Genus I. Acidaminobacter 1150

Genus II. Fusibacter1151

Genus III. Guggenheimella.  1154

Family XIII. Incertae Sedis.  1156

Genus I. Anaerovorax  1156

Genus II. Mogibacterium  1157

Family XIV. Incertae Sedis.  1161

Genus I. Anaerobranca.  1161

Family XV. Incertae Sedis.  1165

Genus I. Aminobacterium 1165

Genus II. Aminomonas.  1167

Genus III. Anaerobaculum 1170

Genus IV. Dethiosulfovibrio.  1174

Genus V. Thermanaerovibrio 1176

Family XVI. Incertae Sedis.  1180

Genus I. Carboxydocella  1180

Family XVII. Incertae Sedis  1181

Genus I. Sulfobacillus  1181

Genus II. Thermaerobacter.  1184

Family XVIII. Incertae Sedis  1188

Genus I. Symbiobacterium.  1188

Family XIX. Incertae Sedis.  1190

Genus I. Acetoanaerobium.  1190

Order II. Halanaerobiales.  1191

Family I. Halanaerobiaceae  1195

Genus I. Halanaerobium  1196

Genus II. Halocella.  1201

Genus III. Halothermothrix 1202

Family II. Halobacteroidaceae.  1207

Genus I. Halobacteroides 1208

Genus II. Acetohalobium  1209

Genus III. Halanaerobacter.  1212

Genus IV. Halonatronum  1215

Genus V. Natroniella1216

Genus VI. Orenia 1217

Genus VII. Selenihalanaerobacter  1221

Genus VIII. Sporohalobacter 1222

Order III. Thermoanaerobacterales1224

Family I. Thermoanaerobacteraceae  1225

Genus I. Thermoanaerobacter.  1225

Genus II. Ammonifex1240

Genus III. Caldanaerobacter 1241

Genus IV. Carboxydothermus1244

Genus V. Gelria.  1246

Genus VI. Moorella.  1247

Genus VII. Thermacetogenium 1253

Genus VIII. Thermanaeromonas1256

Family II. Thermodesulfobiaceae1268

Genus I. Thermodesulfobium1268

Genus II. Coprothermobacter1271

Family III. Incertae Sedis  1275

Genus I. Caldicellulosiruptor 1275

Genus II. Thermoanaerobacterium.  1279

Genus III. Thermosediminibacter  1287

Genus IV. Thermovenabulum1290

Family IV. Incertae Sedis  1296

Genus I. Mahella 1296

Class III. Erysipelotrichia 1298

Order I. Erysipelotrichales1298

Family I. Erysipelotrichaceae 1299

Genus I. Erysipelothrix.  1299

Genus II. Allobaculum  1306

Genus III. Bulleidia  1307

Genus IV. Catenibacterium.  1309

Genus V. Coprobacillus.  1310

Genus VI. Holdemania  1310

Genus VII. Solobacterium 1312

Genus VIII. Turicibacter.  1314

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