Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume 5

Bergey's Systematic Bacteriology
George M. Garrity, Don J. Brenner, Noel R. Krieg
& James T. Staley
Release at: 2012
Pages: 2105
2nd Edition/Volume 5, Part A The Actinobacteria 
File Size: 49 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd Edition

Bergey's manual of systematic bacteriology 2nd edition volume 5 by James T. Staley, David R. Boone use for bacterial studies pdf free download. The Editor is a long-standing tradition of Bergey’s Manual to open their respective editions with the observation that the new edition is a departure from the earlier ones. As this volume goes to press, however, we recognize a need to deviate from this practice, by offering a separate preface to each volume within Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd edition. In part, this departure is necessary because the size and complexity of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology edition far exceeded our expectations, as has the amount of time that has elapsed between the publication of the first volume of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd edition and Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Volume 5.

Systematic procaryotic biology is a dynamic field, driven by methodological advances and constant theoretical that will ultimately lead to a more useful and perfect classification scheme. Much of the increase can be attributed to rapid advances in sequencing technology, which has brought about a major shift in how we view the relationships between Bacteria and Archaea. While universally possibility for the applicable natural classification was evident as the First Edition was in preparation, it is only recently that the sequence databases became the taxonomic coverage and large enough broad enough to make such an arrangement feasible.

Content of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd Edition

Road map of the phylum Actinobacteria.1
Taxonomic outline of the phylum Actinobacteria.29
Phylum XXVI. Actinobacteria phyl. nov. .33
Class I. Actinobacteria 34
Order I. Actinomycetales
Family I. Actinomycetaceae .36
Genus I. Actinomyces.42
Genus II. Actinobaculum .109
Genus III. Arcanobacterium. .114
Genus IV. Mobiluncus.126
Genus V. Varibaculum 139
Order II. Actinopolysporales Ord. nov 162
Family I. Actinopolysporaceae. .163
Genus I. Actinopolyspora .163
Order III. Bifidobacteriales.170
Family I. Bifidobacteriaceae .171
Genus I. Bifidobacterium .171
Genus II. Aeriscardovia. 206
Genus III. Alloscardovia. .207
Genus IV. Gardner Ella 208
Genus V. Metascardovia. .211
Genus VI. Parascardovia .213
Genus VII. Scardovia.214
Order IV. Catenulisporales ord. nov.225
Family I. Catenulisporaceae .226
Genus I. Catenulispora 226
Family II. Actinospicaceae. .232
Genus I. Actinospica. .232
Order V. Corynebacteriales ord. nov 235
Family I. Corynebacteriaceae244
Genus I. Corynebacterium245
Genus II. Turicella .289
Family II. Dietziaceae301
Genus I. Dietzia. .301
Family III. Mycobacteriaceae312
Genus I. Mycobacterium .312
Family IV. Nocardiaceae.376
Genus I. Nocardia .376
Genus II. Gordonia419
Genus III. Millisia .435
Genus IV. Rhodococcus. .437
Genus V. Skermania. .464
Genus VI. Smaragdicoccus. .467
Genus VII. Williamsia.470
Family V. Segniliparaceae 497
Genus I. Segniliparus.497
Family VI. Tsukamurellaceae500
Genus I. Tsukamurella 500
Order VI. Frankiales ord. Nov. 509
Family I. Frankiaceae51
Genus I. Frankia. .512
Family II. Acidothermaceae .520
Genus I. Acidothermus 520
Family III. Cryptosporangiaceae.522
Genus I. Cryptosporangium. .522
Genus Incertae sedis I. Fodinicola525
Family IV. Geodermatophilaceae 528
Genus I. Geodermatophilus. .528
Genus II. Blastococcus 531
Genus III. Modestobacter .536
Family V. Nakamurellaceae. .539
Genus I. Nakamurella.540
Genus II. Humicoccus 542
Family VI. Sporichthyaceae. .544
Genus I. Sporichthya.544
Order VII. Glycomycetales ord. nov.546
Family I. Glycomycetaceae. .547
Genus I. Glycomyces.547
Genus II. Stackebrandtia .553
Order VIII. Jiangellales ord. nov. 555
Family I. Jiangellaceae. .557
Genus I. Jiangella .557
Genus II. Haloactinopolyspora 560
Order IX. Kineosporiales ord. nov. .561
Family I. Kineosporiaceae 562
Genus I. Kineosporia.562
Genus II. Kineococcus 565
Genus III. Quadrisphaera .567
Order X. Micrococcales .569
Family I. Micrococcaceae 571
Genus I. Micrococcus.571
Genus II. Acaricomes.577
Genus III. Arthrobacter 57
Genus IV. Citricoccus.624
Genus V. Kocuria .626
Genus VI. Nesterenkonia .636
Genus VII. Renibacterium643
Genus VIII. Rothia646
Genus IX. Yaniella650
Genus X. Zhihengliuella. .653
Family II. Beutenbergiaceae .667
Genus I. Beutenbergia 669
Genus II. Miniimonas.671
Genus III. Salana .673
Genus IV. Serinibacter 677
Family III. Bogoriellaceae 678
Genus I. Bogoriella679
Genus II. Georgenia. .681
Family IV. Brevibacteriaceae .685
Genus I. Brevibacterium. .685
Family V. Cellulomonadaceae701
Genus I. Cellulomonas 702
Genus II. Incertae sedis Actinotalea. .710
Genus III. Incertae sedis Demequina.712
Genus IV. Oerskovia. .713
Genus V. Tropheryma.717
Family VI. Dermabacteraceae727
Genus I. Dermabacter 727
Genus II. Brachybacterium730
Family VII. Dermacoccaceae738
Genus I. Dermacoccus 738
Genus II. Demetria742
Genus III. Kytococcus.744
Family VIII. Dermatophilaceae. .748
Genus I. Dermatophilus. .749
Genus II. Kineosphaera. .752
Family IX. Intrasporangiaceae. .754
Genus I. Intrasporangium .759
Genus II. Arsenicicoccus .761
Genus III. Humihabitans. .764
Genus IV. Janibacter.765
Genus V. Knoellia .769
Genus VI. Kribbia .773
Genus VII. Lapillicoccus. .774
Genus VIII. Ornithinicoccus. .775
Genus IX. Ornithinimicrobium 777
Genus X. Oryzihumus 781
Genus XI. Phycicoccus 782
Genus XII. Serinicoccus. .786
Genus XIII. Terrabacter. .788
Genus XIV. Terracoccus. .790
Genus XV. Tetrasphaera .792
Family X. Jonesiaceae. .802
Genus I. Jonesia .802
Family XI. Microbacteriaceae807
Genus I. Microbacterium .814
Genus II. Agreia. .852
Genus III. Agrococcus 855
Genus IV. Agromyces.862
Genus V. Clavibacter.877
Genus VI. Cryobacterium .883
Genus VII. Curtobacterium887
Genus VIII. Frigoribacterium. .895
Genus IX. Frondihabitans .898
Genus X. Gulosibacter 900
Genus XI. Humibacter 904
Genus XII. Labedella.906
Genus XIII. Leifsonia.907
Genus XIV. Leucobacter. .923
Genus XV. Microcella.933
Genus XVI. Microterricola934
Genus XVII. Mycetocola. .936
Genus XVIII. Okibacterium940
Genus XIX. Phycicola.942
Genus XX. Plantibacter. .943
Genus XXI. Pseudoclavibacter 949
Genus XXII. Rathayibacter953
Genus XXIII. Rhodoglobus964
Genus XXIV. Salinibacterium.969
Genus XXV. Subtercola. .973
Genus XXVI. Yonghaparkia. .975
Family XII. Promicromonosporaceae995
Genus I. Promicromonospora.995
Genus II. Cellulosimicrobium. 1002
Genus III. Isoptericola1006
Genus IV. Myceligenerans 1010
Genus V. Xylanibacterium. 1012
Genus VI. Xylanimicrobium. . 1015
Genus VII. Xylanimonas. . 1016
Family XIII. Rarobacteraceae 1019
Genus I. Rarobacter. . 1020
Family XIV. Ruaniaceae. 1022
Genus I. Ruania. . 1024
Genus II. Haloactinobacterium1025
Family XV. Sanguibacteraceae. . 1027
Genus I. Sanguibacter1030
Part B
Order XI. Micromonosporales ord. nov. 1035
Family I. Micromonosporaceae. . 1035
Genus I. Micromonospora 1039
Genus II. Actinocatenispora. . 1057
Genus III. Actinoplanes. . 1058
Genus IV. Asanoa. 1088
Genus V. Catellatospora. . 1090
Genus VI. Catenuloplanes 1092
Genus VII. Couchioplanes 1094
Genus VIII. Dactylosporangium. . 1096
Genus IX. Krasilnikovia1106
Genus X. Longispora. 1107
Genus XI. Luedemannella 1110
Genus XII. Pilimelia. . 1111
Genus XIII. Polymorphospora1117
Genus XIV. Salinispora1118
Genus XV. Spirilliplanes. . 1123
Genus XVI. Verrucosispora. . 1124
Genus XVII. Virgisporangium. 1127
Order XII. Propionibacteriales ord. nov. 1137
Family I. Propionibacteriaceae. . 1138
Genus I. Propionibacterium. . 1138
Genus II. Aestuariimicrobium. 1155
Genus III. Brooklawnia1156
Genus IV. Friedmanniella. 1159
Genus V. Granulicoccus. . 1165
Genus VI. Luteococcus1166
Genus VII. Microlunatus. . 1168
Genus VIII. Micropruina. . 1173
Genus IX. Propionicicella. 1174
Genus X. Propionicimonas 1175
Genus XI. Propioniferax. . 1177
Genus XII. Propionimicrobium1179
Genus XIII. Tessaracoccus 1180
Family II. Nocardioidaceae. . 1189
Genus I. Nocardioides1197
Genus II. Actinopolymorpha. . 1251
Genus III. Aeromicrobium. 1258
Genus IV. Kribbella 1268
Genus V. Marmoricola1284
Order XIII. Pseudonocardiales ord. nov. 1301
Family I. Pseudonocardiaceae. . 1302
Genus I. Pseudonocardia . 1305
Genus II. Actinoalloteichus 1323
Genus III. Actinokineospora. . 1325
Genus IV. Actinosynnema 1331
Genus V. Amycolatopsis . . 1334
Genus VI. Crossiella. . 1359
Genus VII. Goodfellowiella 1363
Genus VIII. Kibdelosporangium. . 1366
Genus IX. Kutzneria. . 1371
Genus X. Lechevalieria. . 1375
Genus XI. Lentzea 1379
Genus XII. Prauserella1384
Genus XIII. Saccharomonospora. 1390
Genus XIV. Saccharopolyspora. . 1396
Genus XV. Saccharothrix. 1415
Genus XVI. Streptoalloteichus1419
Genus XVII. Thermocrispum. 1423
Genus XVIII. Umezawaea 1427
Order XIV. Streptomycetales ord. nov. . 1446
Family I. Streptomycetaceae 1446
Genus I. Streptomyces1455
Genus Incertae sedis I. Kitasatospora1768
Genus Incertae sedis II. Streptacidiphilus 1777
Order XV. Streptosporangiales ord. nov. 1805
Family I. Streptosporangiaceae. 1807
Genus I. Streptosporangium. . 1811
Genus II. Acrocarpospora 1825
Genus III. Herbidospora. . 1827
Genus IV. Microbispora. . 1831
Genus V. Microtetraspora. 1838
Genus VI. Nonomuraea. . 1844
Genus VII. Planobispora. . 1861
Genus VIII. Planomonospora. 1866
Genus IX. Planotetraspora 1873
Genus X. Sphaerisporangium1875
Genus XI. Thermopolyspora. 1880
Family II. Nocardiopsaceae. 1889
Genus I. Nocardiopsis1891
Genus II. Haloactinospora 1907
Genus III. Streptomonospora. 1908
Genus IV. Thermobifida. 1914
Family III. Thermomonosporaceae. . 1929
Genus I. Thermomonospora. 1931
Genus II. Actinocorallia1935
Genus III. Actinomadura. . 1940
Genus IV. Spirillospora1959
Order XVI. Incertae sedis. . 1967
Genus I. Thermobispora. . 1967
Class II. Acidimicrobiia class. nov. 1968
Order I. Acidimicrobiales 1969
Family I. Acidimicrobiaceae. 1970
Genus I. Acidimicrobium. . 1970
Genus II. Ferrimicrobium. 1972
Genus III. Ferrithrix 1973
Family II. Iamiaceae. 1974
Genus I. Iamia1975
Class III. Coriobacteriia class. nov. 1975
Order I. Coriobacteriales 1976
Family I. Coriobacteriaceae. 1977
Genus I. Coriobacterium. 1977
Genus II. Atopobium. . 1978
Genus III. Collinsella. . 1984
Genus IV. Cryptobacterium. . 1987
Genus V. Denitrobacterium 1988
Genus VI. Eggerthella1990
Genus VII. Olsenella. . 1993
Genus VIII. Slackia 1995
Class IV. Nitriliruptoria class. nov. . 2000
Order I. Nitriliruptorales. 2001
Family I. Nitriliruptoraceae. . 2001
Genus I. Nitriliruptor. . 2001
Order II. Euzebyales2002
Family I. Euzebyaceae. . 2003
Genus I. Euzebya. 2003
Class V. Rubrobacteria class. nov. 2004
Order I. Rubrobacterales 2005
Family I. Rubrobacteraceae. 2006
Genus I. Rubrobacter. 2006
Class VI. Thermoleophilia class. Nov. 2010
Order I. Thermoleophilales. 2010
Family I. Thermoleophilaceae 2011
Genus I. Thermoleophilum 2011
Order II. Solirubrobacterales2014
Family I. Solirubrobacteraceae. . 2015
Genus I. Solirubrobacter. 2015
Family II. Conexibacteraceae 2018
Genus I. Conexibacter2019
Family III. Patulibacteraceae. 2024
Genus I. Patulibacter. 2024

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