Bioactive Natural Products

Bioactive Natural Products
Goutam Brahmachari
Release at: 2012
Pages: 695
First Edition
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Description of Bioactive Natural Products

This single volume entitled Bioactive Natural Products: Opportunities & Challenges in Medicinal Chemistry is an endeavor to underline how natural product research continues to make significant contributions in the domain of discovery and development of new medicinal entities; the present book brings together a total of fourteen articles contributed by eminent natural product chemists from several countries in response to my personal invitation. I am most grateful to the authors for their generous and timely response in spite of their busy and tight schedules with academics, research, and other responsibilities.

Content of Bioactive Natural Products

1. Natural Products in Drug Discovery: Impacts and 1
Opportunities — An Assessment
Goutam Brahmachari

2. Vascular Regulation by Small Peptides 201
Toshiro Matsui, Zhengquan Wang and Mitsuru Tanaka

3. Key Natural Products in Malaria Chemotherapy: 223
From Quinine to Artemisinin and Beyond
Jean Fotie

4. Natural Product Inhibitors and Activators 273
of Histone Deacetylases
Michael D. Scott, Manas K. Haldar and Sanku Mallik

5. Artemisinin: A Promise for the Development 311
of Potent Anticancer Agents
Daniel L. da Silva, Luzia V. Modolo, Ilza M. O. Sousa,
Rodney A. F. Rodrigues, Mary Ann Foglio
and Ângelo de Fátima

6. Andrographolide: A Plant-Derived Natural 335
Molecule of Pharmaceutical Promise
Goutam Brahmachari

7. Natural Products in Alzheimer’s Disease: 369
Impacts and Prospects
Shri Kant Mishra, Mark C. Stahl and Parampreet Singh

8. Use of Multi-nutrient Functional Peptide Complex 401
«GRINIZATION» for Treatment and Prevention
of Viral Infections
Viktor Lozitsky, Alla Fedchuk, Irina Gomolyako,
Ivan Chekman, Anatoliy Bulavka, Galyna Anokhina,
Georgiy Donchenko, Sergiy Pozdnyakov, Xeniya Igrunova,
Tetyana Grydina, Lidiya Socheslo, Liubov Mudryk,
Nataliya Klochkova, Larysa Shytikova,
Valentina Pushkina, Olga Golubovska, Vladimir Shestakov
and Anatoliy Pechinka

9. Anti-Infective Flavonoids: An Overview 443 
María José Abad, Luis Miguel Bedoya,
Luis Apaza and Paulina Bermejo

10. Anti-Helicobacter Pylori Activities of 475 
Compounds of Natural Origin
Temitope O. Lawal, Kapil K. Soni, R. C. Saxena,
Bolanle A. Adeniyi and Gail B. Mahady

11. Natural Bioactive Principles in the Treatment 499
of Skin Diseases
Emmanuel C. Ibezim

12. Anti-Diabetic Agents of Natural Origin: 519
A Retrospective Account of Some Promising
Goutam Brahmachari

13. Fermentation Improvement of Processes 601
Yielding Natural Products for Industry
Arnold L. Demain and Sergio Sanchez

14. Plant Cell Culture and Transgenic Plants: 631
The Goldmines for the Production of
Compounds of Pharmacological Interest
Ana Paula de Faria, Ângelo de Fátima,
Vagner A. Benedito and Luzia V. Modolo

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