Biology of Rhodococcus

Héctor M. Alvarez
Release at: 2019
Pages: 390
Second Edition
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Description of Biology of Rhodococcus

Metabolically are versatile of Rhodococcus actinobacteria frequently found in the environment with potential applications in bioremediation, biotransformations, and biocatalysis, among other biotechnological processes. These microorganisms are currently the subject of research in many countries of the world. The number of publications and patents on Rhodococcus has increased significantly during the last several years. 

In this context, the knowledge acquired during the last decade about basic aspects of Rhodococcus biology is significant and reveals promising future prospects. Several public and private genomic projects involving Rhodococcus members are now in progress due to the increasing interest in their biotechnological applications. 

Rhodococcus genomes are large, which contain a multiplicity of catabolic genes, a high genetic redundancy of biosynthetic pathways and a sophisticated regulatory network, reflect the complexity of Rhodococcus biology. The combination of functional genomic studies with biochemical and physiological knowledge is providing new insights that will make it possible to put Rhodococcus to biotechnological use. 

Content of Biology of Rhodococcus

Refined Systematics of the Genus Rhodococcus Based on Whole
Genome Analyses  1
Vartul Sangal, Michael Goodfellow, Amanda L. Jones, Robert J. Seviour,
and Iain C. Sutcliffe
Genomics of Rhodococcus 23
Martina Cappelletti, Jessica Zampolli, Patrizia Di Gennaro,
and Davide Zannoni
Central Metabolism of Species of the Genus Rhodococcus  61
Martín A. Hernández, Héctor M. Alvarez, Mariana P. Lanfranconi,
Roxana A. Silva, O. Marisa Herrero, and María Soledad Villalba
Oligotrophic Growth of Rhodococcus 87
Nobuyuki Yoshida
Adaptation of Rhodococcus to Organic Solvents. 103
Carla C. C. R. de Carvalho
Degradation of Alkanes in Rhodococcus. 137
Martina Cappelletti, Stefano Fedi, and Davide Zannoni
Biodegradation of Nitriles by Rhodococcus   173
Huimin Yu, Song Jiao, Miaomiao Wang, Youxiang Liang,
and Lingjun Tang
The Desulfurization Pathway in Rhodococcus  203
Shanshan Li and Ting Ma
Bioremediation of Contaminated Environments Using Rhodococcus  231
Maria S. Kuyukina and Irena B. Ivshina
Production of Trehalolipid Biosurfactants by Rhodococcus. 271
Maria S. Kuyukina and Irena B. Ivshina
Biology of Triacylglycerol Accumulation by Rhodococcus  299
Héctor M. Alvarez and Alexander Steinbüchel
Interaction of Rhodococcus with Metals and Biotechnological
Applications. 333
Alessandro Presentato, Elena Piacenza, Martina Cappelletti,
and Raymond J. Turner
Plant-Associated Rhodococcus Species, for Better and for Worse359
Isolde M. Francis and Danny Vereecke

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