Biomaterials Science 3rd Edition (PDF)

Biomaterials Science

Author: Buddy D. Ratner, Allan S. Hoffman, Frederick J. Schoen & Jack E. Lemons
Release at: 2013
Pages: 1600
Edition: 3rd Edition
File Size: 59 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Biomaterials Science 3rd Edition (PDF)

Biomaterials Science 3rd Edition by B. D. Ratner, A. S. Hoffman, Frederick J. Schoen & J. E. Lemons is a great book available for (PDF) download. Biomaterials Science: An introduction to Materials in Medicine was launched as an educational project to provide a nascent biomaterials community with an authoritative tool for training and education. Conceptual background material and a broad overview of applications were both envisioned as being integral to the textbook. In the late 1980s, biomaterials was in transition from an emerging field to a respected discipline embracing convergence (i.e., the merging of expertise from different “silos,” such as provided by engineers, biomedical scientists and physicians) – the biomaterials community was in need of an integrated, comprehensive, and definitive educational resource. This rationale for launching the textbook has been validated by the success of earlier editions of Biomaterials Science: An introduction to Materials in Medicine – well over 25,000 copies have contributed to the biomaterials education of students and researchers around the world. The second edition has been widely adopted for classroom use, and is a reference resource for thousands of biomaterials professionals.

Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine strives for a balanced view of the biomaterials field. When this project was first launched, monographs available at that time did articulately address biomaterials, but they tended to strongly emphasize the authors’ areas of expertise, while only superficially addressing other important subjects outside of their intellectual sphere.

  • hard and soft biomaterials;
  • orthopedic, cardiovascular, ophthalmologic, dental, and emerging applications;
  • a balance of fundamental biological and materials science concepts, contemporary medical/clinical concerns, and government/commercial/societal issues that reflect the complex environment in which biomaterials are developed and used;
  • Coverage of the past, present, and future of biomaterials, their applications, and key challenges that lie ahead.
  • In this way, the reader can embrace the broad field, absorb the unifying principles common to all materials in contact with biological systems, and gain a solid appreciation for the special significance of the word biomaterial.

    Content of Biomaterials Science 3rd Edition (PDF)

    PART: I Materials Science and Engineering

    SECTION 1: Properties of Materials

    SECTION 2: Classes of Mat erials used in Medicine

    PART: II Biology and Medicine

    SECTION 3: Some Background Concepts

    SECTION 4: Host Reaction to Biomaterials and Their Evaluation

    SECTION 5: Biological Testing of Biomaterials

    SECTION 6: Applications of Blomaterials

    SECTION 7: Applications of Biomaterials in Functional Tissue Engineering

    PART: III Practical Aspects of Biomaterials

    SECTION 8: Implants, Devices, and Biomaterials: Special Considerations

    SECTION 9: Voluntary Standards, Regulatory Compliance, and Non-Technical Issues


    Appendix A: Properties of Biological Fluids

    Appendix 8: Properties of Soft Materials

    Appendix C: Chemical Compositions of Metals Used for Implants

    Appendix D: The Biomaterials Literature



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