College Physics by Raymond A. Serway

College Physics

Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille & John Hughes
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN No: 978-1-305-95230-0
Release at: 2018
Pages: 1050
Eleventh Edition
File Size: 6 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of College Physics by Raymond A. Serway

This College Physics by Raymond A. Serway is the best book for collages physics students. The health professions, or other disciplines, including environmental, earth, and social sciences, and technical fields such as architecture. In this College Physics of Raymond A. Serway book use mathematical techniques used include algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, but not calculus. 

Drawing on positive feedback from users of the tenth edition, analytics gathered from both professors and students, as well as reviewers’ suggestions, we have refined the text to better meet the needs of students and teachers. In addition, the text now has a fully-integrated learning path in MindTap.

Content of College Physics by Raymond A. Serway

Part 1 Mechanics

topic 1 Units, trigonometry, and Vectors 1

topic 2 Motion in One Dimension 31

topic 3 Motion in two Dimensions 59

topic 4 Newton’s Laws of Motion 80

topic 5 Energy 121

topic 6 Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions 161

topic 7 rotational Motion and Gravitation 190

topic 8 rotational Equilibrium and Dynamics 224

topic 9 Fluids and Solids 267

Part 2 thermodynamics

topic 10 thermal Physics 320

topic 11 Energy in thermal Processes 349

topic 12 the Laws of thermodynamics 382

Part 3 Vibrations and Waves

topic 13 Vibrations and Waves 423 topic 14 Sound 457

Part 4 Electricity and Magnetism

topic 15 Electric Forces and Fields 495

topic 16 Electrical Energy and Capacitance 527

topic 17 Current and resistance 566

topic 18 Direct-Current Circuits 590

topic 19 Magnetism 620

topic 20 Induced Voltages and Inductance 656

topic 21 alternating- Current Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves 688

Part 5 Light and Optics

topic 22 reflection and refraction of Light 723

topic 23 Mirrors and Lenses 750

topic 24 Wave Optics 782

topic 25 Optical Instruments 814

Part 6 Modern Physics

topic 26 relativity 838

topic 27 Quantum Physics 864

topic 28 atomic Physics 886

topic 29 Nuclear Physics 908

topic 30 Nuclear Energy and Elementary Particles 932

APPENDIX A: Mathematics review a.1

APPENDIX B: an abbreviated table of Isotopes a.14

APPENDIX C: Some Useful tables a.19

APPENDIX D: SI Units a.21

ANSWERS: Quick Quizzes, Example Questions, and Odd-Numbered Conceptual Questions and Problems a.23

Index I.1

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