Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications (PDF)

Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications

Junaid Ahmed Zubairi & Athar Mahboob
Release at: 2012
Pages: 337
First Edition (Systems and Methodologies)
File Size: 16 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications (PDF)

Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications by Junaid Ahmed Zubairi & Athar Mahboob is a great book available in PDF download. The field of cyber security has assumed utmost importance in today’s information age. Cyber security encompasses both information and network security. Information security covers the understanding of security requirements, classification of threats, attacks, and information protection systems and methodologies. Encryption is a key enabling technology for data and information security. Network security, on the other hand, includes both security protocols as well as systems, which create a security perimeter around networks for intrusion detection and avoidance. Network security protocols combine encryption and several related mechanisms, like hashing and digital signatures, along with procedures for key and session management, which allow for parties to establish secure communication links over otherwise insecure communication networks and exchange private information such as personal and financial data.

As part of proactive information security, Security Information Management (SIM) systems are set up by those tasked with managing information security in their respective organizations. These systems consolidate and analyze the information system usage logs in near real-time for alerting and in off-line mode for demonstrating system security and compliance to standards and regulations. At this time realtime audio, video, and instant messaging systems are used ubiquitously over integrated and converged public communication networks. Their security requirements include protection against eavesdropping and end to end authentication. To this end security protocols such as Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) for streaming media security have been developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Cyber security of industrial manufacturing and utility industries, such as power, water, and gas, has assumed national defense status. Most industries, including power generation and manufacturing, use PLC’s (programmable logic controllers) that are connected to computers for remote control. SCADA and industrial systems security includes protection of SCADA control units or industrial equipment in production, power generation & distribution, fabrication, refining, public and private infrastructure institutions, and large communication systems. The area of industrial and infrastructure security is very important and various governments have mandated the compliance by all institutions and services to many security regulations.

Content of Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications (PDF)

Section 1: Mobile and Wireless Security

Chapter 1: Securing Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: State of the Art and Challenges

Chapter 2: Smartphone Data Protection Using Mobile Usage Pattern Matching

Chapter 3: Conservation of Mobile Data and Usability Constraints

Section 2: Social Media, Botnets and Intrusion Detection

Chapter 4: Cyber Security and Privacy in the Age of Social Networks

Chapter 5: Botnets and Cyber Security: Battling Online Threats

Chapter 6: Evaluation of Contemporary Anomaly Detection Systems (ADSs)

Section 3: Formal Methods and Quantum Computing

Chapter 7: Practical Quantum Key Distribution

Chapter 8: Automated Formal Methods for Security Protocol Engineering

Section 4: Embedded Systems and SCADA Security

Chapter 9: Fault Tolerant Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) in SCADA Systems

Chapter 10: Embedded Systems Security

Section 5: Industrial and Applications Security

Chapter 11: Cyber Security in Liquid Petroleum Pipelines

Chapter 12: Application of Cyber Security in Emerging C4ISR Systems and Related Technologies

Chapter 13: Practical Web Application Security Audit Following Industry Standards and Compliance

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