Drug Development

Drug Development
Marco Rossi & Santina Bertone
Release at: 2013
Pages: 117
First Edition
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Description of Drug Development

The Drug Development books authors discuss the principles, methodology and emerging challenges of drug development. In this Drug Development book topics include technology transfer and outsourcing in pharmaceutical companies; analytical tools and chemometrics in the drug development process; the use of cytometry for drug development of cell cycling inhibitors; and the antiproliferative effects of phenolic compounds isolated from the Brazilian propolis.

Pharmaceutical companies lessons are becoming increasingly reliant on outsourcing to increase capability and capacity, with the objectives of decreasing costs and improving efficiency and productivity. However, increased requirement for technology transfer between different sites and outsourcing strategies.

Content of Drug Development

Chapter 1 Outsourcing and Technology Transfer 1

Dave Elder

Chapter 2 Analytical Tools and Chemometrics in Drug Development Process: A Review 35

D. Melucci, C. Locatelli
and M. Locatelli

Chapter 3 Use of Flow Cytometry for Drug Development of Cell Cycle Inhibitor: The Example of Edotecarin, a Topoisomerase I Inhibitor 63

Paolo Cappella, Veronica Patton,
Clara Albanese, Rachele Alzani, Roberta Ceruti
and Marina Ciomei

Chapter 4 Antiproliferative Effects of Phenolic Compounds Isolated from Brazilian Propolis 89

Soon-Chang Cho, Min-Jae Lee, Hong De Xu,
Sang-Seop Han, Yun Lyul Lee,
Seung-Wan Lee and Dae-Hun Park

Index 99

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