Early Responses to the Periodic System First Edition (PDF)

Early Responses Periodic System

Author: Masanori Kaji, Helge Kragh & Gábor Palló
Release at: 2015
Pages: 344
Edition: First Edition
File Size: 11 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Early Responses to the Periodic System First Edition (PDF)

Early Responses to the Periodic System by Masanori Kaji, Helge Kragh & Gábor Palló is a great Chemistry book available in (PDF) download. Although a great number of historians have studied Mendeleev’s discovery of the periodic system of chemical elements, few have looked at how the scientific community has perceived and employed this system in various areas of the world. Early Responses to the Periodic System book fills this gap. In addition, for the evaluation of the periodic system, this Early Responses to the Periodic System book looks not only at scientific communities but also in the educational sector and local popular culture. The idea of a comparative project on the early reception of the periodic system occurred to one of the editors (Masanori Kaji) during the 6th Science and Technology in the European Periphery (STEP) meeting in Istanbul on June 2008.

Gestated under the warm sunny skies in Istanbul, this idea materialized into a book project thanks to many colleagues who are also interested in the history of chemistry. The contributors and editors, especially Masanori Kaji, wish to express special thanks to Brigitte Van Tiggelen, Carsten Reinhardt, William Brock, Michael Gordin, and Eric Scerri, who were of immense help during the various stages of the project.

Content of Early Responses to the Periodic System First Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction

PART I: Discovery and Early Work on the Periodic System

Chapter 2: The Early Response to Mendeleev’s Periodic System in Russia

Chapter 3: The Periodic System and Its Influence on Research and Education in Germany between 1870 and 1910

PART II: Early Response at the Center of Chemical Research

Chapter 4: British Reception of Periodicity

Chapter 5: Mendeleev’s Periodic Classification and Law in French Chemistry Textbooks

PART III: Response in the Central European Periphery

Chapter 6: Nationalism and the Process of Reception and Appropriation of the Periodic System in Europe and the Czech Lands

PART IV: Response in the Northern European Periphery

Chapter 7: When a Daring Chemistry Meets a Boring Chemistry: The Reception of Mendeleev’s Periodic System in Sweden

Chapter 8: Reception and Early Use of the Periodic System: The Case of Denmark

Chapter 9: Ignored, Disregarded, Discarded? On the Introduction of the Periodic System in Norwegian Periodicals and Textbooks, c. 1870–1930s

PART V: Response in the Southern European Periphery

Chapter 10: Chemical Classifications, Textbooks, and the Periodic System in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Chapter 11: Echoes from the Reception of Periodic Classification in Portugal

Chapter 12: Popular Science, Textbooks, and Scientists: The Periodic Law in Italy

PART VI: Response Beyond Europe

Chapter 13: Chemical Classification and the Response to the Periodic Law of Elements in Japan in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries



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