Encyclopedia of Horticulture and Allied Terms

Encyclopedia of Horticulture and Allied Terms
Dr. A. B. Sharangi
Release at: 2009
Pages: 309
First Edition/ Volume 1, Volume 2
File Size: 15 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Encyclopedia of Horticulture and Allied Terms

Agriculture gave the primitive man a settled life on earth towards the growth and development of civilization. The search for food with the creation of green life slowly made him satisfied, rational and social. Horticulture initially started as aesthetic agriculture in a confined garden, slowly changing its stand towards high-value high return crops per unit area, time and input with the ultimate aim for food and nutrition security of the ever-increasing population of the entire globe particularly in the developing countries. 

India is no exception to this pragmatic trend to assimilate and welcome horticulture in her vision and mission. Harnessing the compelling strength in biodiversity, India is on its way to becoming the global hub for fresh horticultural produce outsourcing with diverse agro-climatic zones, and a wealth of native knowledge contributing to the sector's development. Our country also shares a warm relationship with several gross importers of horticultural produce.

Content of Encyclopedia of Horticulture and Allied Terms

Chapter 1 Horticultural Terms

Chapter 2 Terms of Botany

Chapter 3 Manures and Fertilizer Terms

Chapter 4 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Terms

Chapter 5 Pesticide Terms

Chapter 6 Plant Pathology Terms

Chapter 7 Plant Breeding & Genetics Terms

Chapter 8 Soil Science Terms

Chapter 9 Pollen & Spore Terms

Chapter 10 Water and Water"Related Terms

Chapter 11 Quality Management Terms

Chapter 12 Crop Science Terms

Chapter 13 Rose Glossary

Chapter 14 Tea, Coffee, and Wine Terms

Chapter 15 Statistical Terms

Chapter 16 Entomology Terms

Chapter 17 Instruments, Implements and Tools Used in Horticulture

Chapter 18 Bonsai and Flower Arrangement Terms

Chapter 19 Natural and Synthetic Chemicals Used in Horticulture

Chapter 20 Some Medicinal/Medical Terms

Chapter 21 Some Special Terminologies Collected from Different Sources


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