Handbook of Vitamins 4th Edition (PDF)

Handbook of Vitamins

Janos Zempleni, Robert B. Rucker, Donald B. McCormick & John W. Suttie
Release at: 2007
Pages: 608
4th Edition
File Size: 6 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Handbook of Vitamins 4th Edition (PDF)

Handbook of Vitamins 4th edition by J. Zempleni, R.B. Rucker, D.B. McCormick & J.W. Suttie is a great book for vitamins available for PDF download. In keeping with the tradition of previous editions, the fourth edition of the Handbook of Vitamins was assembled to update and provide contemporary perspectives on dietary accessory factors commonly classified as vitamins. One of the challenges in assembling this volume was to maintain the clinical focus of previous editions, while addressing important concepts that have evolved in recent years owing to the advances in molecular and cellular biology as well as those in analytical Chemistry and nanotechnology. The reader will find comprehensive summaries that focus on chemical, physiological, and nutritional relationships and highlights of newly described and identified functions for all the recognized vitamins. Our goal was to assemble the best currently available reference text on vitamins for an audience ranging from basic scientists to clinicians to advanced students and educators with a commitment to better understanding vitamin function.

As examples, apparent vitamin-dependent modifications that are important to epigenetic events and genomic stability are described, as well as new information on the role and importance of maintaining optimal vitamin status for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defense. Important analytical advances in vitamin analysis and assessment are discussed in a chapter dealing with accelerated mass spectrometry (AMS) applications. Recent AMS applications have provided the basis for studies of vitamin metabolism and turnover in humans at levels corresponding to physiological concentrations and fluxes. It is also important to underscore that much of the interest in vitamins stems from an appreciation that there remains regrettably sizable populations at risk for vitamin deficiencies. In this regard, classic examples are included along with examples of vitamin-related polymorphisms and Genetic factors that influence the relative needs for given vitamins.

This volume is written by a group of authors who have made major contributions to our understanding of vitamins. Over half of the authors are new to this series; each chapter is written by individuals who have made clearly important contributions in their respective areas of research as judged by the scientific impact of their work. In addition, Dr. Janos Zempleni joins the group of editors who assembled the 3rd edition. Dr. Zempleni adds a molecular biology perspective to complement the biochemical and physiological expertise of the other editors. We also wish to note that we miss the input of Dr. Lawrence Machlin, a renowned researcher on vitamin E, who was sole editor of the first two editions in this series and who died shortly after the release of the third edition. We know that he would be pleased with the progress and advances in vitamin research summarized in the 4th edition.

Content of Handbook of Vitamins 4th Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: Vitamin A: Nutritional Aspects of Retinoids and Carotenoids

Chapter 2: Vitamin D

Chapter 3: Vitamin K

Chapter 4: Vitamin E

Chapter 5: Bioorganic Mechanisms Important to Co-Enzyme Functions

Chapter 6: Niacin

Chapter 7: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Chapter 8: Thiamine

Chapter 9: Pantothenic Acid

Chapter 10: Vitamin B6

Chapter 11: Biotin

Chapter 12: Folic Acid

Chapter 13: Vitamin B12

Chapter 14: Choline

Chapter 15: Ascorbic Acid

Chapter 16: Vitamin-Dependent Modifications of Chromatin: Epigenetic Events and Genomic Stability

Chapter 17: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in the Study of Vitamins and Mineral Metabolism in Humans

Chapter 18: Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamins



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