Handbook of Vitamins

Handbook of Vitamins
Janos Zempleni, Robert B. Rucker, Donald B. McCormick & John W. Suttie
Release at: 2007
Pages: 608
Fourth Edition
File Size: 6 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Handbook of Vitamins

The Handbook of Vitamins book fourth edition was assembled to update and provide contemporary perspectives on dietary accessory factors commonly classified as vitamins. One of the challenges in assembling this volume was to maintain the clinical focus of previous editions while addressing important concepts that have evolved in recent years owing to the advances in molecular and cellular biology as well as those in analytical chemistry and nanotechnology. Introduce to physiological, chemical, and nutritional relationships and highlights of newly described and identified functions for all the recognized vitamins.

Content of Handbook of Vitamins

Chapter 1 Vitamin A: Nutritional Aspects of Retinoids and Carotenoids 1
A. Catharine Ross and Earl H. Harrison

Chapter 2 Vitamin D  . 41
Anthony W. Norman and Helen L. Henry

Chapter 3 Vitamin K  111
John W. Suttie

Chapter 4 Vitamin E . 153
Maret G. Traber

Chapter 5 Bioorganic Mechanisms Important to Coenzyme Functions 175
Donald B. McCormick

Chapter 6 Niacin191
James B. Kirkland

Chapter 7 Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)  233
Richard S. Rivlin

Chapter 8 Thiamine  . 253
Chris J. Bates

Chapter 9 Pantothenic Acid. 289
Robert B. Rucker and Kathryn Bauerly

Chapter 10 Vitamin B6  315
Shyamala Dakshinamurti and Krishnamurti Dakshinamurti

Chapter 11 Biotin361
Donald M. Mock

Chapter 12 Folic Acid 385
Lynn B. Bailey

Chapter 13 Vitamin B12 . 413
Ralph Green and Joshua W. Miller

Chapter 14 Choline  459
Timothy A. Garrow

Chapter 15 Ascorbic Acid 489
Carol S. Johnston, Francene M. Steinberg, and Robert B. Rucker

Chapter 16 Vitamin-Dependent Modifications of Chromatin: Epigenetic Events
and Genomic Stability 521
James B. Kirkland, Janos Zempleni, Linda K. Buckles, and Judith K. Christman

Chapter 17 Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in the Study of Vitamins and
Mineral Metabolism in Humans .  545
Fabiana Fonseca de Moura, Betty Jane Burri, and Andrew J. Clifford

Chapter 18 Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamins 559
Suzanne P. Murphy and Susan I. Barr

Index. 571

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