High Plains Horticulture a History

High Plains Horticulture a History
John F. Freeman
Release at: 2008
Pages: 285
First Edition
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Description of High Plains Horticulture a History

The civilizing role of horticulture is part of the settlement story of the High Plains that has yet to be a subject of special consideration. The significance of this topic may be most readily explained by telling how it originated and developed in my own mind. In 1954, as an eighth-grader, I was driven across the plains of Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. 

After spending the summer in a primitive cabin in a remote location in southeastern Wyoming, I took my first train ride alone, from Laramie across the plains of Nebraska on to Chicago and the East Coast. Even at that young age, I had found the High Plains awesome and exhilarating, not lonesome or bleak, and I hoped someday to put down roots there.

Content of High Plains Horticulture a History

Introduction 1

1. Horticultural Beginnings 7

2. Trees for the High Plains 19

3. Horticulture for Home and Community 33

4. Toward “A New Phase of Civilization” 51

5. Science and Its Application to Horticulture 63

6. Creating Home on the Range 85

7. Limits of Dry-Land Horticulture 107

8. Forging New Paths in Ornamental Horticulture 129

9. Collecting and Creating Hardy Plants 151

10. Federal Engagement in Horticulture 171

11. The Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station 195

12. Horticulture and Community 227

Postscript 243

Bibliography 249

Index 261

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