Introductory Electromagnetics by Herbert

Introductory Electromagnetics
Herbert P. Neff
Release at: 1991
Pages: 424
First Edition
File Size: 15 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Introductory Electromagnetics

This Introductory Electromagnetics is written for the first-semester junior-level course in electromagnetics. The basics of vector analysis, including the divergence, gradient operations and curl. There are those who believe that the study of electromagnetics should begin with the static case allowing the student to gradually digest the material, whereas others believe that it is desirable, to begin with, the dynamic case. Since all of the essentials of vector analysis, this textbook allows the instructor to skip with the possible exception of Section 2.15 if desired. 

This approach allows more material to be covered toward the end of the Introductory Electromagnetics by Herbert book. Chapter 2 includes electrostatics and magnetostatics. Although it certainly could be divided into two chapters, it was decided that, if combined, the topics could be covered in a shorter period of time. Something has to be reduced, in a one-semester course, and this material is an obvious candidate. As indicated in the preceding paragraph, Chapter 3 begins with the dynamic case (Maxwell's general equations). The treatment here is a standard one, and there are few topics that can be omitted. The material in Chapter 4 is important for several reasons.

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