Introductory Electromagnetics by Zoya Popovic

Introductory Electromagnetics
Zoya Popovic & Bronko D Popovic
Release at: 2002
Pages: 581
First Edition
File Size: 40 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Introductory Electromagnetics by Zoya Popovic

This Introductory Electromagnetics by Zoya Popovic is primarily an intermediate level one-semester textbook in electromagnetic fields, but it can also be used as a two-quarter or two-semester text. Although vector calculus and basic physics are prerequisites, Although vector calculus and basic physics are prerequisites, the book is a practical book that is practically self-contained. It is written for engineering and physics students, focusing on physical principles but also applying them to examples from engineering practice.

1. The electrical-engineering curricula in most schools are expanding every new academic year. Fundamental subjects, such as electromagnetics, are being covered with fewer hours and in some schools are even being eliminated. Although we believe that this does not benefit future electrical engineers, it is a reality one has to accept. Therefore, we have carefully selected the topics covered in the text to reflect current needs and have stripped it of all less important details.

2. Computers and software tools are now available for solving a large variety of problems. Thus, we feel that it is imperative for future engineers to understand the problems, not so much to be able to perform analytical manipulation of the equations. This textbook stresses the physical basis of applied electromagnetism, including only the necessary minimum of mathematics, which is de-rived as needed.

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