Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions (PDF)

Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions

Zane Baird
Release at: 2017
First Edition
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Language: English

Description of Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions (PDF)

Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions by Zane Baird is a great chemistry book available for (PDF) download. Zane Baird’s thesis is a model of innovation combined with high technical achievement. These are characteristics one could wish to find in any STEM Ph.D. thesis but often does not. The subject Baird treats is mass spectrometry, but more roadly it is measurement science. This term implies the existence of measurement tools and methods for testing and validating and interpreting the data from measurements. The subject of analytical chemistry has evolved to become that part of chemistry that is most concerned with the invention of new measurement tools, and the methodology of testing, validating and interpreting data. Baird’s work covers a novel evolving area of mass spectrometry, in which ions are treated in the ambient environment. His experiments involve the generation of ions in the air, and more unusually, the focusing, separation, and detection of ions in the air.

To accomplish this, he ses new rapid prototyping methods of 3D printing to fabricate lens systems that focus ions and create beams that can be reacted, separated and detected. These asks are facilitated by simulations of ion motion. One novel result is the construction from plastic at low cost using a home hobby 3D printer, of an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) with relatively high efficiency, and resolution comparable to that of commercial IMS instruments. This system uniquely operates without neumatic forces at atmospheric pressure. The methods that Baird uses could easily become standard for applications of IMS, the most common of which is airport security screening. This example serves as a reminder that the conception and design of novel instrumentation represent science at its best intellectually as wells having a great practical value.

Content of Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions (PDF)

1 Introduction 1

11 Overview  1
12 Electrospray Ionization  2
121 A Brief History  2
122 Electrospray Ion Formation  3
123 Preparative Electrospray  4
13 Simulations of Ion Motion at Atmospheric Pressure 5
14 Fused Deposition Modeling  7
References 7

2 Ion Transport and Focal Properties of an Ellipsoidal
Electrode Operated at Atmospheric Pressure  11
21 Introduction  11
22 Experimental 13
221 Chemicals and Instrumentation  13
222 Ion Transport and Beam Profiling  13
223 Ion Transport Efficiency  14
224 Ion Trajectory Simulation  15
225 Mass Spectrometer Interface  16
23 Results and Discussion  16
231 Focusing of Electrosprayed Ions  16
232 Simulated Ion Trajectories 18
233 Ion Transport Efficiency  19
234 Mass Spectrometer Interface  21
24 Conclusions  23
References 23

3 Ion Manipulation in Air Using a System of Curved 3D Printed
Plastic Electrodes 25
31 Introduction  25
32 Experimental 26
321 Production and Focusing of Ions in Air  26
322 Simulations of Ion Motion  28
323 Imaging of Focused Ion Stream  28
324 Ion Transfer Efficiency  29
325 Ion/Molecule Reactions 29
326 Separation of Ions in Air 30
33 Results and Discussion  32
331 Ambient Ion Focusing 32
332 Ion Transfer Efficiency  33
333 Ion/Molecule Reactions 35
334 Separation of Ions in Air 36
34 Conclusions  37
References 37

4 3D Printed Annular Focusing Ambient Ion Mobility
Spectrometer  39
41 Introduction  39
42 Experimental 41
421 Ion Trajectory Simulations  41
422 Device Design and Construction  42
423 Ion Deposition Image Collection 46
424 Ion Transmission Efficiency  46
43 Results and Discussion  46
431 Annular Ion Focusing  46
432 Annularly Focused Ion Mobility Spectrometer  49
433 Ion Transmission Efficiency  53
44 Conclusions  54
References 55

5 Outlook and Future Directions 57
51 3D Printing in the Scientific Laboratory  57
511 Overview of FDM Printers and Components  57
512 Notable Applications of FDM 59
52 Ion Focusing at Atmospheric Pressure  60
53 Ambient Ion Mobility Spectrometry  62
References 62
Curriculum Vitae  65


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