Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial Biotechnology
Jayanta Kumar Patra, Gitishree Das & Han-Seung Shin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN No: 978-981-10-7140-9
Release at: 2018
Pages: 544
Volume 2. Application in Food and Pharmacology
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File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, and successful development in this field requires major contributions in a broad range of disciplines encompassing specialties as diverse as biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, taxonomy, pathogenic bacteriology, pharmaceutical microbiology, food and industrial microbiology, and ecology. 

The Microbial Biotechnology book is a collection of articles highlighting the interdisciplinary scope and recent developments of microbial biotechnology in the areas of food and pharmacology. The book envisages the recent ideas of novel findings in microbiology and provides insights into the various interdisciplinary research avenues.

Content of Microbial Biotechnology

Part I Application of Microbial Technology in Food

1 Recent Food Preservation Techniques Employed
in the Food Industry  3
Shiny Shajil, Andrea Mary, and C. Elizabeth Rani Juneius

2 Metagenomic Insights into Environmental Microbiome
and Their Application in Food/Pharmaceutical Industry  23
Ramya Sree Boddu and K. Divakar

3 Changing Paradigm of Probiotics from Functional Foods
to Biotherapeutic Agents 39
Eldin M. Johnson, Yong-Gyun Jung, Ying-Yu Jin,
Seung Hwan Yang, R. Jayabalan, and Joo Won Suh

4 Microbial Valorization of Chitinous Bioresources for Chitin
Extraction and Production of Chito-Oligomers
and N-Acetylglucosamine: Trends, Perspectives and Prospects  . 69
Suman Kumar Halder and Keshab Chandra Mondal

5 Seaweed Liquid Fertilizers: A Novel Strategy
for the Biofortification of VegeTables and Crops  . 109
C. Elizabeth Rani Juneius, M. Sundari, R. Eswaralakshmi,
and S. Elumalai

6 Green Algae Biomass Cultivation, Harvesting and Genetic
Modifications for Enhanced Cellular Lipids119
Parveen Kumar, Devendra Kumar, Priyanka Nehra,
and P. K. Sharma

7 Probiotics: The Ultimate Nutritional Supplement  141
Rout George Kerry, Pratima Pradhan, Dibyaranjan Samal,
Sushanto Gouda, Gitishree Das, Han-Seung Shin,
and Jayanta Kumar Patra

8 An Insight into the Prevalence and Enzymatic
Abatement of Urethane in Fermented Beverages  153
Bidyut R. Mohapatra

9 Sea Water as a Reaction Medium for Bioethanol Production 171
Dash Indira, Baskar Das, P. Balasubramanian, and R. Jayabalan

10 Bacterial Mediated Plant Protection: Induced Systemic
Resistance in Soybean. 193
Shekhar Jain, Devendra Kumar Choudhary, Kanti Prakash Sharma,
and Rashmi Aggarwal

11 Mycotoxins and Pesticides: Toxicity and Applications
in Food and Feed . 207
Manoj Kumar, Ramesh Chand, and Kavita Shah

12 Microbes and Their Role in Drought Tolerance of Agricultural
Food Crops 253
Rout George Kerry, Sushmita Patra, Sushanto Gouda,
Jayanta Kumar Patra, and Gitishree Das

13 Microbial Remediation of Persistent Agro-chemicals
by Soil Bacteria: An Overview275
Suraja Kumar Nayak, Byomkesh Dash, and Bighneswar

Part II Application of Microbial Technology in Pharmacology

14 Insectivorous Plants of India: Sources of Bioactive
Compounds to Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance  . 305
Sanjeet Kumar, Sunil S. Thorat, Rajendra K. Labala,
and Jayanta Kumar Patra

15 Exploring the Multifaceted Role of Microbes in Pharmacology  319
Mitali Mishra, Kanchan Vishwakarma, Jaspreet Singh,
Shruti Jain, Vivek Kumar, Durgesh Kumar Tripathi,
and Shivesh Sharma

16 Pharmacological Applications of Metabolites of Mangrove
Endophytes: A Review331
Swagat Kumar Das, Dibyajyoti Samantray,
and Hrudayanath N. Thatoi

17 Application of Oncolytic Virus as a Therapy of Cancer  . 361
Sushil Kumar Sahu and Mukesh Kumar

18 Microbes in the Treatment of Diabetes and Its Complications 383
Suneeta Narumanchi, Yashavanthi Mysore,
and Nidhina Haridas Pachakkil Antharaparambath

19 Microbe-Based Metallic Nanoparticles Synthesis
and Biomedical Applications: An Update  . 395
Mallappa Kumara Swamy, Gudepalya Renukaiah Rudramurthy,
Jayanta Kumar Patra, and Uma Rani Sinniah

20 Role of Silver Nanoparticles in Treatment of Plant Diseases . 435
Jyotsna Sharma, Vivek K. Singh, Anil Kumar, Raju Shankarayan,
and Sharada Mallubhotla

21 Endophytic Fungi and Bioactive Metabolites Production:
An Update 455
Ramesha Alurappa, Srinivas Chowdappa,
Radhakrishnan Narayanaswamy, Uma Rani Sinniah,
Sudipta Kumar Mohanty, and Mallappa Kumara Swamy

22 Fungal Endophytes from Seaweeds: An Overview. 483
Vipin Kumar Singh, Abhishek Kumar Dwivedy, Akanksha Singh,
Simran Asawa, Awanindra Dwivedi, and Nawal Kishore Dubey

23 Probiotic Biosurfactants: A Potential Therapeutic Exercises
in Biomedical Sciences499
Priyanka Saha, Deepa Nath, Manabendra Dutta Choudhury,
and Anupam Das Talukdar

24 Recent Antibiotics Used in Dental Disease Management  515
Jerusha Santa Packyanathan, C. Elizabeth Rani Juneius,
and M. Vinoth

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