Mycotoxins detection methods, management, public health, and agricultural trade

J Leslie, R Bandyopadhyay & A Visconti
Release at: 2008
Pages: 496
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Description of Mycotoxins detection methods, management, public health, and agricultural trade

The Mycotoxins detection methods, management, public health, and agricultural trade book introduces Mycotoxins have scourged mankind for thousands of years causing death, hallucination, and misery. The identification of aflatoxin type mycotoxins produces by Aspergillus is toll extracted by these compounds from human populations in developed countries has continuously decreased with increasingly effective government regulations and Food supply by routine monitoring reducing recognized problems by orders of magnitude. The reality in less-developed countries could not be in starker contrast.

Content of Mycotoxins detection methods, management, public health, and agricultural trade

Overview and Introduction   1
1. The EU MycoGlobe project: Global integration of mycotoxin and toxigenic fun-
gal research for enhanced food safety
A. Visconti & G. Perrone.  3
2. IITA's research-for-development agenda for Africa
S. Blade   11
3. Priorities for mycotoxin research in Africa identified by using the Nominal Group
Discussion technique
R. Bandyopadhyay, J. F. Leslie & R. A. Frederiksen ..  19
Health and Trade Issues    27 
4. Mycotoxins: A global problem
W. F. O. Marasas, W. C. A. Gelderblom, G. S. Shephard & H. F. Vismer.  29
5. Modulation of the human immune system by aflatoxin
P. E. Jolly, Y. Jiang, W. O. Ellis, J. Sheng-Wang, E. Afriyie-Gyawu, T. D. Phil-
lips & J. H. Williams   41
6. Aflatoxin exposure and impaired child growth in West Africa: An unexplored in international public health burden?
Y. Y. Gong, P. C. Turner, A. J. Hall & C. P. Wild ..  53
7. The economic impact of aflatoxin contamination in Sub-Saharan Africa
O. Coulibaly, K. Hell, R. Bandyopadhyay, S. Hounkponou & J. F. Leslie.  67
8. EU legislation on mycotoxins in food and feed: Overview of the decision-making
process and recent and future developments
F. Verstraete.  77 
Mycotoxin Contamination and Toxigenic Fungi in Africa and the
Mediterranean Basin ..  101
9. Mycotoxin contamination in foods in West and Central Africa 
K. A. Kpodo & S. A. Bankole .. 103 
10. Mycotoxin contamination in food systems in Eastern and Southern Africa
B. A. Siame & I. N. Nawa  117
11. The 2004 and 2005 aflatoxin tragedies in Kenya – A case study
M. N. Okioma.. 127
12. Mycotoxin problems in nuts and dried fruits from the Mediterranean basin 
G. Özay & H. Ozer  133
13. Between emerging and historical problems: An overview of the main toxigenic
fungi and mycotoxin concerns in Europe
A. F. Grieco & A. Moretti. 139
14. The impact of mycotoxins in animal feeds
J. Fink-Gremmels. 155
Mycotoxin Detection Methods   169
15. Overview of detection methods for mycotoxins
M. Pascale & A. Visconti. 171 
16. Mycotoxin concentration data quality: The role of sampling
M. Miraglia, B. de Santis, E. Pannunzi, F. Debegnach & C. Brera. 185 
17. Development of quantitative detection methods for Fusarium in cereals and their application
C. Waalwijk, I. M. de Vries, J. Köhl, X. Xu, T. A. J. van der Lee & G. H. J. Kema .. 195
Mycotoxin Management   207 
18. Pre- and postharvest management of aflatoxin contamination in peanuts
F. Waliyar, P. L. Kumar, A. Traoré, B. R. Ntare, B. Diarra & O. Kodi  209
19. Pre- and postharvest management of aflatoxin in maize: An African perspective
K. Hell, P. Fandohan, R. Bandyopadhyay, S. Kiewnick, R. Sikora & P. J. Cotty  219
20. Management of ochratoxin A in the cocoa supply chain: A summary of work by
the CAOBISCO/ECA/FCC working group on ochratoxin A
M. Gilmour & M. Lindblom  231
21. Prevention of ochratoxin A in grapes and wine
P. Battilani  245
22. Molecular approaches to the development of resistance to preharvest aflatoxin contamination
D. Bhatnagar, K. Rajasekaran, J. W. Cary, R. Brown, J. Yu & T. E. Cleveland. 257
23. Breeding maize for resistance to mycotoxins at IITA
A. Menkin, R. L. Brown, R. Bandyopadhyay, Z.-Y. Chen & T. E. Cleveland. 277
24. Etiology and management of aflatoxin contamination 
P. J. Cotty, C. Probst & R. Jaime-Garcia. 287
25. NovaSil™ clay for the management of dietary aflatoxins in human populations
E. Afriyie-Gyawu, J. H. Williams, H. J. Huebner, N.-A. Ankrah, D. Ofori-Adjei,
P. E. Jolly, J.-S. Wang, & T. D. Phillips  301 
26. Food processing to reduce mycotoxins in Africa
P. Fandohan, K. Hell & W. F. O. Marasas  309
27. Indoor airborne exposure to molds and mycotoxins
B. G. Shelton & J. F. Leslie. 317
Institutional Issues in Mycotoxin Management ..  325
28. Are Ghanaians aware of the aflatoxin menace?
R. T. Awuah, K. O. Agyemang, S. C. Fialor & C. M. Jolly  327
29. Institutional aspects of sanitary and phytosanitary issues in ECOWAS trade
J. d’A. Hughes, R. Bandyopadhyay, K. Makinde & S. Olembo .. 335
30. Institutional stakeholders in mycotoxin issues – Past, present, and future
J. H. Williams  349
31. Institutionalizing mycotoxin testing in Africa
F. Waliyar, M. Siambi, R. Jones, S. V. Reddy, D. Chibonga, P. L. Kumar &
S. Denloye .... 359
32. Prevention strategies for trichothecenes and ochratoxin in cereals
N. Magan, M. Olsen & D. Aldred  369
International Programs on Mycotoxins   385
33. FAO program on mycotoxin management
M. Piñeiro. 387
34. Mycotoxin research in USAID’s CRSP programs
J. M. Yohe & J. H. Williams .... 403
35. CGIAR research-for-development program on mycotoxins
R. Ortiz, T. Ban, R. Bandyopadhyay, M. Banziger, D. Bergvinson, K. Hell, B.
James, D. Jeffers, P. L. Kumar, A. Menkir, J. Murakami, S. N. Nigam, H. D.
Upadhyaya & F. Waliyar  413
Index .  423

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