Mycotoxins in Plant Disease

A. Logrieco, J.A. Bailey, L. Corazza & B.M. Cooke
Release at: 2002
Pages: 138
First Edition
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Language: English

Description of Mycotoxins in Plant Disease

The book Mycotoxins in Plant Disease provide information about fungal toxic compounds. They call Mycotoxins, Mycotoxins is a toxin produced by fungi, in this Mycotoxins in Plant Disease book introduces some mycotoxins and how to prevent plants through those toxins.

Content of Mycotoxins in Plant Disease

Toxigenic  Fusarium  species  and  mycotoxins associated with maize  ear  rot  in  Europe
A.  Logrieco, G. Mule,  A.  Moretti, and  A.  Bottalico

Toxigenic  Fusarium  species  and  mycotoxins associated with head blight in small-grain
cereals in Europe
A.  Bottalico and G. Perrone

Deoxynivalenol, nivalenol, and  moniliformin in wheat samples with  head  blight (scab)
symptoms in Poland  (1998-2000)
M. Tomczak, H. Wisniewska,  L.  Stephen,  M. Kostecki,  1.  Chelkowski and  P.  Golinski

Ochratoxin A in cereals, foodstuffs  and  human  plasma
A.  Rizzo,  M.  Eskola, and  F.  Atroshi

Ochratoxin A  in  grapes  and  wine
P.  Battilani and  A.  Pietri

Ear  rot  susceptibility  and  mycotoxin contamination  of  maize hybrids inoculated with
Fusarium  species  under  field conditions
M. Pascale,  A.  Visconti and  1.  Chelkowski

Studies on the infection process  of  Fusarium culmorum  in  wheat spikes: Degradation  of
host cell wall components  and  localization  of  trichothecene toxins  in  infected tissue
Z. Kang and  H.  Buchenauer

Production  of  beauvericin by different races  of  Fusarium oxysporum  f.  sp.  melonis,  the
Fusarium  wilt agent  of  muskmelon
A.  Moretti,  A.  Belisario,  A.  Tafuri,  A.  Ritieni, L. Corazza and  A.  Logrieco

Epidemiology  of  Fusarium  infection  and  deoxynivalenol content in winter wheat in the
Rhineland,  Germany
B. Birzele,  A.  Meier,  H.  Hindorf,  1.  Krämer and H.-W. Dehne

Role  of  deoxynivalenol  in aggressiveness  of  Fusarium graminearum  and  F.  culmorum
and  in resistance to  Fusarium  head blight
A.  Mesterh:.izy

Relationship between growth  and  mycotoxin production by  Fusarium  species, biocides
and environment
N.  Magan,  R.  Hope,  A.  Colleate and E.S. Baxter

Genetic analysis  of  the  role  of  trichothecene  and  fumonisin mycotoxins  in  the
virulence  of  Fusarium
R.H. Proctor, A.E. Desjardins,  S.P.  McCormick, R.D. Plattner, N.J. Alexander and D.W. Brown

Saccharomyces cerevisae  and  Arabidopsis thaliana:  Useful model systems for  the  identification
of molecular mechanisms involved in resistance  of  plants to toxins
R.  Mitterbauer and  G.  Adam

Mycotoxin genetics  and  gene clusters
G.S. Sidhu

Biosynthesis  of  depsipeptide mycotoxins in  Fusarium
T.  Hombogen, M. Glinski and  R.  Zocher

Secretion of  natural  and  synthetic toxic compounds from filamentous fungi by membrane
transporters  of  the ATP-binding cassette  and  major  facilitator superfamily
I.  Stergiopoulos, L.-H. Zwiers and M.A. De Waard

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