Photochemical Water Splitting Materials and Applications

Photochemical Water Splitting
Neelu Chouhan, Ru-Shi Liu & Jiujun Zhang
Release at: 2017
Pages: 379
First Edition
File Size: 28 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Photochemical Water Splitting Materials and Applications

The goal of the Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion series is to provide comprehensive coverage of the field, with titles focusing on fundamentals, technologies, applications, and the latest developments, including secondary (or rechargeable) batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and CO2 Electroreduction to produce low-carbon fuels, water electrolysis for hydrogen generation storage, and photoelectrochemistry or water splitting to produce hydrogen, among others. Each book in this series is self-contained, written by scientists and engineers with strong academic and industrial experts who are at the top of their fields and on the cutting edge of technology. with a broad view of various electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices, his unique book series provides essential reads for university students, scientists, and engineers and allows them to easily located the latest information on electrochemical technology, fundamentals, and applications.

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