Practical API Design Confessions of a Java Framework Architect

Practical API Design
Jaroslav Tulach
Release at: 2008
Pages: 417
First Edition
File Size: 4 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Practical API Design

This Practical API Design Confessions of a Java Framework Architect book could not have been written without the generous help of Geertjan and Patrick, the best editors I’ve ever met. Thank you and everyone else very much, guys.

Content of Practical API Design

PART 1 Theory and Justification

CHAPTER 1 The Art of Building Modern Software 5
CHAPTER 2 The Motivation to Create an API 15
CHAPTER 3 Determining What Makes a Good API 27
CHAPTER 4 Ever-Changing Targets 41

PART 2 Practical Design

CHAPTER 5 Do Not Expose More Than You Want 69
CHAPTER 6 Code Against Interfaces, Not Implementations 87
CHAPTER 7 Use Modular Architecture 99
CHAPTER 8 Separate APIs for Clients and Providers 131
CHAPTER 9 Keep Testability in Mind 149
CHAPTER 10 Cooperating with Other APIs 159
CHAPTER 11 Runtime Aspects of APIs 185
CHAPTER 12 Declarative Programming 225

PART 3 Daily Life

CHAPTER 13 Extreme Advice Considered Harmful239
CHAPTER 14 Paradoxes of API Design 249
CHAPTER 15 Evolving the API Universe 261
CHAPTER 16 Teamwork 291
CHAPTER 17 Using Games to Improve API Design Skills 303
CHAPTER 18 Extensible Visitor Pattern Case Study  333
CHAPTER 19 End-of-Life Procedures  355
EPILOGUE The Future363

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